Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I was sort of disappointed in the whole idea, since all I want is just to be surprised!  I don't care what you get me, as long as I don't have to pick it out or buy it myself!  But it worked out OK.  I guess I still have a gift coming - hubby ordered it like Friday.  He's such a timely guy!

However, the girl asked me to go shopping after dance on Saturday, so I took her to this little florist in town and told the lady behind the counter she was getting flowers for *her* and pointed at me.  So I was sent back outside.  She chose my flowers & they got wrapped up, and then I had to go back in to pay.  Since I used the debit card from the checking account, I feel that hubby paid. 

So Sunday, she gave me the flowers and I was pleasantly surprised at her choice.  Very nice!  They're in a tea cup with saucer and came with a package of raspberry tea.

Chester approves.

Yesterday afternoon we went over to Mom's for Chinese food.  "Wonderful Honey Chicken" was not my best option, but DAMN it was good.  And I tracked it.  Me & my sisters went in together to get mom a new patio set - she needed one desperately.  Her old picnic table was horrible beyond description. She was surprised & delighted with it.  Although I don't know how she managed to not see BIL Dave, Randy & my niece's boyfriend waving the brightly striped umbrella around outside the kitchen window while installing it. 

I found a new toy today!  First of all, special thanks to my FB friend, Bridget, who has been posting maps of her daily walks.  I got intrigued and sent her a message about it.  Come to find out - she uses a free app on her iPhone called MapMyWalk and it keeps track of where and how far you walk, the time and your speed per mile and also calories burned.  I immediately installed it, grabbed my co-worker and we took a walk.

Today's walk - for a closer look

Pretty cool!  I am actually excited about this!  I'm having a hard time with my eating choices, so maybe I'll concentrate on exercise for a while and maybe the 2 will finally click back together. 

I won't get another walk in tonight since I NEED to get the grass cut.  The poor dog would get lost if it weren't for him being on a run.  Maybe I'll keep my phone with me while I'm mowing - that should be pretty entertaining with all the back & forth I do.  Actually - I like that idea!  We have a double lot and easily takes 90 minutes to 2 hours to cut it. I'm sort of curious to find out how far I walk.  I know I'll rack up some serious WW activity points.   

Hope you all have a great day!

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