Monday, May 28, 2012

Hooray for 3 day weekends!

That means it's not over yet and I know I won't regret staying up past midnight while blogging!

It has been a crazy, busy, but strangely satisfying weekend.  We seem to have begun a tradition of renting a dumpster on Memorial Day weekend to get rid of a LOT of crap! The first time we did this, we got a huge freakin' 22 foot x 9 foot x 9 foot  beast and we filled it over half full from the garage. Since then, we've rented much smaller ones.  The one we got this time is about 6x6x5. 

Friday afternoon, my sister called to see if she could have Angel for the weekend - SURE!   So we met Laurie & niece Lisa Beth at a Salvation Army (bad choice!!) at 9am on Saturday to hand her off.  Well, we ended up staying there to browse & didn't leave til almost 11!  So when we finally left, Randy had to stop at the bank and then we proceeded to Art Van to FINALLY buy a new bed!  The one we had was awful beyond words.  Randy figured it was close to 20 years old.  We had 2 crappy, broken down box springs & the mattress itself was horrible.  Cloth was torn, springs sticking out, we had personal craters to sleep in - in fact I had an extra pillow under Randy's side to somewhat fill it in.  The salesman loved us.  We walked in & told him what we needed.  We were out within 30 minutes and he had an easy sale.  They have this bed you lie in and it measures your pressure points and suggests what level of support you need.  It was really neat!  So instead of trying out 50 beds, we tried a total of 3.  One had springs - NO.  The other 2 were memory foam (but NOT Tempurpedic!) felt the same, were major brand names, and both have really long warranties, so we went with the cheaper of the 2.

Chester approves. 

Anyway, so after we bought the bed, we went out to lunch.  Once we got home, we started working in the back yard.  The summer after we moved in, we cut down 3 tress in the yard.  Instead of asking the neighbor (who has a woodpile against our fence anyway) if he wanted the wood, Randy stacked it against our fence.  Where it has been for 9 years now, I think?  Of course most of it was rotted.  But we got rid of the big pieces and used the composted stuff to fill in a dip in the yard.  Then we had another pile of pallets that I'd disassembled (for Halloween purposes) and other pieces of lumber.  Those are now gone, too. 

Thank God for little things like gloves & big spray!  We stirred up a LOT of creepy crawlies!  We even uncovered the beginning of a bees nest!  Ooops!  The robins were having a feast out there.

I can't believe that was only yesterday.  Sheesh!

Today we got up and went to breakfast.  The bed was being delivered today, so we wanted to clear out the bookshelf & random crap from in front of the front door that we never use.  And we moved another shelving unit and a dresser so it was easy to get to old bed out & the new one in.  We had the old bed on end & lined up to go out the door when the delivery guys got here.  That gave me a chance to eradicate dust bunnies & tighten up bolts on the bed frame before the new one came in.  OMG, I can't believe how much stuff Randy threw away!  He is a packrat and has a hard time getting rid of stuff.  I am so proud of him!

We laughed so hard today!  This is one of those things that is so gross that you alternate between disgust and laughter!  Randy was going thru a box of random stuff that he hasn't touched since we moved into the house (2002).  He's been known to use all sorts of containers for small gadgets & parts.  So it wasn't any big deal to find a small Country Crock tub. He picked it up & opened it, thinking to find screws or connectors or something.  Nope.  It still had butter in it.  You can see the expiration date on the lid & there is no mold and it had no smell to it.  NASTY!!!!  It's like McDonald's food that never rots! I'm sure the neighbors thought we were nuts since I was laughing & he was all "EwEwEwEwEw".  Ah entertainment!

So the new bed got here this afternoon.  And of course the old sheets didn't fit the tall mattress like the salesman said they would.  {{expletives}}  So we had to go buy some new sheets.  I just finally got everything washed, dried & put together about 30 minutes ago.  I can't wait to go dive in! 

Tomorrow we hope to actually work in the garage some.  The 2 wood piles filled up the dumpster about half way so we're well on the way to really filling it up!  Yay!! 

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