Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm not MIA!

I attempted a brief post from my new iPhone last night, but it said I didn't have enough memory (?!?!?!)  so here I am at the good ol' desktop this a.m.

A great big **thanks** and hugs to all my new followers and to all those who stopped in to visit during the A-Z Challenge.  That was pretty fun, although I have to admit that it wasn't easy.  My other 2 blogs were fairly easy to come up with topics (the themes were randomness and Halloween), but I tried to choose topics for this one that weren't totally obvious, and I know I didn't 100% succeed, but I gave a good shot.  I'll have my reflections post up the beginning of next week.

So anyway.....back to the nitty gritty.  I've missed a bunch of regular posts, due to the challenge, so a brief overview.  The scale has totally flatlined.  I know that normally means no heartbeat - but if you look at my progress charts on WW eTools, it's totally flat.  I guess that's better than going uphill!  I admit I haven't even been trying, so I was quite pleased when i didn't have any change this week.  One of the girls at work won a "coffee break" from a radio station and on Tuesday they brought in Tim Horton's coffee & donuts.  Plus the hubby wanted to go there that evening - so the total damage of the day = 4 donuts.  Mother Nature hit me with a vengeance!  So I am back on track with journalling & such.

So the past few weeks have been busy - tomorrow is the 3rd and last of Angel's dance competitions.  Granted we're going to be on site from 730 am til well after 7pm, I'm OK with it, because it is only one day!  The one last weekend, we had to go Friday night to cheer on our juniors, the whole studio danced Saturday afternoon and on Sunday, our girls were on stage at 7 am.  LONG days!

So the exciting plan for the day includes shuttling the child to dance and then attempting to steam this mess of glittery tulle also known as a tutu.  Please notice it is hanging outside.  We took it out of the package outside to reduce the glitter infestation in the house.  I bet my neighbors would think I was nuts if I set up the ironing board on the patio......

It's pretty  O_o  right now, but it looks completely awesome with the red leotard underneath and the red and black sequined vest with black velvet collar, long black gloves and tophat (yes - they are ringmasters at the circus!)

Stay healthy, my friends!

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