Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted since Mother's Day!  Oh, the shame heaping upon me!

Let's see.  Not a whole lot has been going on - it's the calm before the storm!   Last Wednesday, Randy left for Dayton to the Radio Geek's Mecca, also known as the Dayton Hamvention.  It's a huge flea market that radio amateurs from all over the world go to.  This is the second year he's helped some guy sell radios in a booth.  But at least this time he got to go browse around other booths.  I have to give a shout out to a couple of Randy's friends, Fred & Jim (and hope he doesn't read this!).  They are the sweetest guys!  Randy is very anal about his stuff.  He keeps a close eye on his belongings.  Somehow, he managed to leave a bag of goodies that he bought there.  He had gotten a t-shirt for next month's Field Day, some updated software and misc other stuff.  The very next morning, I had a FB message from Fred wanting to know what size shirt Randy wears, he is replacing the Field Day shirt.  So I was chatting with him, & he mention that Jim is going to replace the lost software, too.  They both appreciate everything Randy does for them, so they're doing this for him.  Aaaaw!

Anyway, the girl & I just did some stuff around the house, nothing exciting. 

So now comes the storm....I have jury duty tomorrow (my first time!) A dumpster is being dropped off Friday so we can clean out the garage over the long weekend.  3 days next week the girl has school dance team tryouts, along with extra ballet classes at the studio.  Next Friday is her Freshman Farewell Formal dance at some fancy place.  Sunday is the studio dance team party at the owner's house - guess she learned her lesson.  Last year she had the party right after the recital.  I'm sure her pool was trashed with all the hairspray, makeup & glitter that had to have been in it!

Then it calms down a bit until the 14th for dress rehearsal and the 15th for the recital.  She will go to the Boys & Girls Club again this summer and also starts summer school on the 26th.  All I have to say is thank God for calendars!

I got a new camera!  I dropped my Nikon one too many times and while it still took pictures, it wouldn't zoom any more. So I replaced it with a Canon PowerShot.  I'm liking this! I've been determined to get pics of the robins in our yard and do you think those buggers will come near me when I want them to??  Same with the doves.  But at least I have a good camera for recital time!  Be prepared for lots of pics then!

 I love how you can see details in his fur & teeth!
There was a squirrel in the tree behind me.

 If you make this big screen, it's a bit grainy but it looks good otherwise. 
 This guy was about 35 feet away from me.

Same here.  He was probably the same distance or farther away. 
I will get more robin pics!

So after my SkyWarn training earlier this month, I decided to sign up for CoCoRaHS.  This is the Community Collaborative Rain,Hail & Snow Network.  Basically a bunch of volunteers measure daily precipitation (rain, hail & snow) and enter the data on the website. Then people like the National Weather Service, USDA, ranchers & farmers, emergency managers, etc use this info for whatever.  Luckily I'm a morning person, since I have to enter my data at 7am every day. It's a whole lot more interesting when we actually do get rain, tho!

Here is my groovy rain gauge.

ooh, exciting news!  Last weekend I was taking a trip down memory lane by watching Def Leppard videos on YouTube.  Don't hate - they've been my favorite band since 9th grade!  Anyway...I saw a little blurb on YouTube saying that they are going to be in concert at DTE Energy Music Theater (the old Pine Knob) this summer - the day before mine & Randy's anniversary, in fact!!  So I sent him a little FYI email about what a fun evening that may be for our anniversary.  He came home tonight & said something about us having plans on July 7 ......SQUEEE!  I can't wait!  He got us pavilion seats, which I was sure he would. GoodyGoodyGoodyGoody!  All the drunk/stoned crazies sit out on the lawn. 

Alrighty!  I'm about ready for bed - I started using the MapMyWalk app on my phone (& I love it!) so I map everything!  5 laps of the building / dock at work is 1.25 miles and to mow our lawn is about 2.5 miles / just under 2 hours. For some reason yesterday, it really kicked my butt!  On the plus side, for the past 2 weeks I've had at least 20 WW activity points!


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