Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Transforming Tuesday 8/1/17

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It's my birthday month - hooray!

Carrying on smartly....I was pleasantly surprised to be down 2.8 lbs tonight!  And this is after a baby shower & 2 grad parties this weekend!

I actually think I did pretty well.  At the baby shower Saturday, I had fruit & a salad & an eggroll, but avoided the mostacolli and mac & cheese.  I had a small piece of cake, but scraped off most of the frosting.  At grad party #1 (Saturday): raw veggies, a broasted chicken leg, salad. OK, and some small cookies & M&Ms.  Skipped the cupcakes & pasta & potatoes, but I did have a Mike's Hard Lemonade.  Grad party #2 (Sunday) was not long after we'd gone out to breakfast, so I had a small taco salad because it just sounded SO good! and a slab of watermelon. We left as she was cutting the cake, and since I refused to pay $15 to get into the park when we didn't plan on staying long, Miss Angel & I parked at the corner and ended up walking about about 1/2 mile into the park.   Steps, baby!
I clearly didn't mow the lawn this week!
Damn Fitbit didn't sync this weekend, so I ended up with 5507 steps / 2.44 miles on Saturday and 8613 steps / 3.82 miles on Sunday for a total of  56195 steps / 24.93 miles for the week. 

Anyhoo, cutting this short - here's a shot of Rusty rolling around on my lap.  He used to be a barn cat, but now we only let him outside with a harness & leash on.  He'll eventually figure that out!  

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  1. Good job on the loss and the smart eating. I would have trouble scraping the frosting off the cake. That's my down fall.

    1. I used to go crazy over frosting - but now it's just too sweet. I was given a corner piece, so there was a LOT with all the flowers & trim so it really wasn't a problem to scrape some off. Plus it was the kind that dyed your lips & tongue blue... :D


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