Thursday, August 24, 2017

Skywatch Friday 8/24/17

Woooo, another eclipse post (sort of, kinda, almost)!  Here in SE Michigan, we only had about 78% coverage of the sun, so it basically got hazy.  

When I left to go to work that morning, this is what I saw from my back porch. 
 I love the clouds like that! 
 Look!  It's the tree at the business next door to where I work!  It's been a while, tree!  
I was really entertained with the "S" in the clouds.  
So, like I said, we didn't see much of the eclipse, but we did go outside and borrow a welding mask from the guys in the shop to look.  And one of the admin ladies brought in a cereal box viewer, which fascinated me, since I was wondering how something so simple would work, but it did!!
I tried to get a selfie with the sun (ignore my 14 chins from this angle!) and didn't notice until a couple days later when I uploaded my pictures onto my computer that there's a reflection of the sun on my upper lip!  

The XM 80's on 8 channel made me laugh.  When I first got in the car, Total Eclipse of the Heart was playing.  Then the very next song was New Moon on Monday!
At least my Monday started off with a laugh! 

I'm linking up over at SkyWatch Fridays, where I'm sure there will be some real eclipse photos!  But even if there's not, there will be awesomeness!


  1. LOL the eclipse on your lip! Sounds like you had fun. We got 75% here and I did manage to get some shots on my camera through glasses. Way cool to witness history, no?


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