Saturday, August 26, 2017

Where has summer gone?

Ok, I'm not exactly thrilled with it still being dark when the alarm goes off in the morning, but by the time I get to work, the sunrises are spectacular.  I have a ton of Instagram pics of the tree at the business next door to work, because it's between me and said sunrise!
January 2017
Last Monday....


Ummmm.  Yeah. 

How's it going?

I felt obligated to write a real post, since there has been too many in a row of linkups.  Not that there's anything wrong with them, I just hadn't done any free-style posts for quite some time. 

We've gotten a couple home-improvement projects done recently and another is on the short-list to be done.  For some reason, Randy thought it bothered me that our garbage disposal hasn't worked in 10+ years.  I personally don't recall caring, but he saw some Moens on clearance at Home Depot last weekend that had high reviews, so we went back & got one.  And of course while we're fighting with the old one to remove it, he found a reset button on it.  So that one probably still worked after all!  But too late.  We finally got it out & the new one installed and got the electrical hooked back up today.  

We also had an unexpected project with the fridge.  He noticed it didn't seem as cold as it should be, and discovered the freezer was all frosted up. We took everything out of the freezer, unfroze it and cleaned it all up.  Then he went online & found someone's hack on how to keep the drain from plugging up with ice.  So the fridge is good & cold again & some science projects have been removed from the freezer!

The next project is replacing the ceiling fan in the kitchen.  Now ~that~ I may have made a comment or two about wishing it was replaced.  The old one has a broken blade (it just fell off one night!  Of course I was home alone and scared the crap out of me!).  We've had the new one for quite some time, we just need to DO it. 

So, the shorter days & cooler nights can only mean one thing....Halloween is near!  
You know that I'm all about this time of year (shameless plug for my H'ween blog Maple Grove Cemetery).   I don't do a big fancy haunted house or anything, but I do have a decent sized cemetery in my front yard & a bus-load of skeletons that I have do stuff within the cemetery.  It's more humorous / spooky than it is scary / spooky. 
New thing for this year - a swing! 
Quick & easy to take a piece of scrap board & drill holes in the corners & thread some rope thru. 
This is Chuck - he's the cemetery mascot who stays out year-round & travels with me & does random stuff.   You can't see it here, but he's got googly eyes! 
 Also new for this year - I managed to scored one of the skeleton horses from Home Depot back in April.  I haven't looked recently, but I think it's pretty hit or miss catching them in stock.   I was really happy to find out they also carry a saddle & bridle for it! 

I've been doing a bit of shopping, too.  Some of the bigger chains (Walmart/Target/CVS/Walgreens, etc) around here don't have anything out, it's still back-to-school time because most Michigan school don't start back up until after Labor Day, but I've seen a little bit at the local greenhouse (really!) and places like Kirklands & TJ Maxx., but not a whole lot yet.  

Today was the launch of Yankee Candle Halloween collection.  I didn't go to the mall to see things in person, but I ordered a couple Boney Bunch pieces online.   Since this always happens the weekend before my birthday, Randy lets me buy what I want, then he doesn't have to worry about getting me a gift!!
   They had a really cute Clue-type theme going this year, so I was tempted by a couple pieces (I copied their pics off their website), just because they reminded me of Miss Angela's last dance season's production of Clue (check it out on my YouTube channel over on the right sidebar - look under my uploads.) 
Death by Chocolate - got her.   
 Head Chef - got him.  He cracks me up!  
Squad Car - this was the first thing I put in my shopping bag!
I was really tempted by Boney Holmes.  
Maybe if YC puts out some coupons, I'll go back & get him. 
Same with "A Little Party Never Killed Nobody"
I do believe this is a pretty big piece, and they're a pain in the butt to store & display. 
So maybe, maybe not. 

Well, I'm going to sign off with Jack for National Puppy Day!  
Are you looking forward to fall?


  1. Love the Halloween decorations. I have some for Christmas but they are packed away because we never decorate anymore now that the kids are all grown.

  2. Oh, I love Halloween! It's my favorite holiday. That's awesome you got a skeleton horse - how fun is that? And omg - I want Boney Holmes!!



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