Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Weigh-in 021417

Woohoo, down a very unexpected 2.7 lbs tonight!  
That makes my total loss back down to over 40 lbs since the day I started this journey.   
I'd been feeling down & blah the last couple days.  Lots of drama at home with the kid, financial worries, dental work.  Yeah.  Life in general.  So I really wasn't expecting to see anything good on the scale at all.  

btw, is it sad to be ready for your kid to leave the nest?  As I see it, she has 2 options.  The day after the dance recital in June, pay a visit to our local armed forces recruiter (remember, I was in the Navy so I'm OK with this) or ship her off to her bio dad's house in Nebraska.  
John, if you're reading this - it's your turn!!

Anyhoo.  Thanks to playing chauffeur, I haven't gotten to the gym yet this week.  I had 2 temporary crowns put on at the dentist yesterday so I sure as hell didn't feel like doing much of anything anyway.  2 on the right side, one on top and one on bottom.  So I was numbed from eyeball to jaw, including half my nose.  Once the numbness wore off, the places I got the anesthesia shots hurt like crazy and today the teeth themselves hurt.  But this is all normal.  It happens every time I go in.  I hate it.  It sucks. 

Tomorrow night is Zumba at the studio.  Apparently they have 2 classes going on at the same time.  I used to do Nancy's class - she's pretty hard-core and I would be dripping sweat when I was done.  Now there's a Julie who does more aerobics with her Zumba so I'm curious to see how her class is.  The owner of the studio and some of the other studio moms prefer her, so I'll give it a try. 

So yeah, it's time for bed.  I'm going thru that phase where I'm having a hard time sleeping again so I need to do something about it. 
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  1. Woo Hoo, good for you! I have nothing to report - I'll put up a blog post later but I'll sum it up for you: Fail, Fail, Fail.


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