Sunday, February 19, 2017

O glorious weekend!

We've been enjoying record-high temps here in SE Michigan the last couple days and have been loving every minute of it!!  Except for the monster sinus headaches I woke up with Saturday & Sunday due to barometer changes (insert eye roll), 
it's been so nice!  
Sunrise from the parking lot at work Friday.  I'm so glad my desk isn't in the front wing of the building.  With views like this?  My mornings would be totally non-productive and my Instagram feed would be all sunrises! 

Randy took Friday off work and he took Miss Angela out car shopping.  Happily, they were successful!  He took her to a couple different lots where we saw possible cars last weekend.  She test drove a couple and she very wisely chose one she could pay for entirely by herself!  
She drove when we went out to dinner to celebrate!
Image may contain: car
Meet Gertrude - a 2005 Pontiac G6 GT.  
She needs new brakes, so she'll be going into the shop tomorrow, but other than that - the few minor things she needed Randy did yesterday.  

It's good timing, since now she doesn't start her new job until the 27th - the restaurant she'll be hostessing at shut down for remodelling so they felt it was pointless for her to work a couple days just to have 10+ days off.  And it's mid-winter break for the local school district, which means no dance.  But I'm sure they'll have a couple classes thrown in there because competitions are starting soon. 
I spent a bit of time cleaning up sticks in the yard.  I thought about raking the front yard, but I'm sure we'll probably have a blizzard yet and another 4 feet of snow dumped on us.  It was hard to remember that it's still February! 
This pretty baby is the only one who wanted to stop and pose for me!
The cats enjoyed open windows.  Maddie was really watching that squirrel. 

Today, Randy & I went out to breakfast, then to a craft / antique mall to browse.  Surprised that neither of us saw anything that had to come home with us. 
When we got home, he went off to a friend's house to play radio and Angel & I took Jack to Holland Ponds, a local nature trail.  
We thought it would be a lot muddier than it was. 
It was nice to see the ponds full to the top.  When I was there last fall, they were low and swampy. 
I think Jack was unhappy to find his favorite place to wade still frozen!  That's OK, he was still plenty muddy enough when I dried him off at the car. Angel's in giving him a bath right now, I'm not sure if he was gassy or the mud was that compost-y but he is a stinky boy!!

Hope you've all had a great weekend, too!



  1. Record highs in Michigan!! That's got to be a welcome change for most. And here in L.A. it's chilly with record rainfalls. I'm not big on the cooler weather, but the rain we definitely needed.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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