Friday, February 24, 2017

Ugh. Won't do that again! Weigh in 022217

Before I share the utter horrifying picture of my tracker from yesterday..... I had a small .6lb gain at my WW meeting.  It seems like that's how my weigh-ins are going lately - small gain, then good loss.  Meh.  I was in a major funk on Tuesday, so I went to the Wednesday meeting instead.   

I also haven't been to the gym this week - it was so nice last weekend that I spent as much time as possible outside.  Got the yard cleaned up of sticks and fought the urge to rake (it's February.  In Michigan.  There's no way winter is over!) and Sunday we took the dog for a walk on the local nature trail.  And now that Miss Angela is mobile again I won't have to do the studio shuttle unless I really want to. 

Yesterday was a day of some serious "IDGAF" and as a consequence.....I still feel seriously disgusting today.  I did actually track what all I ate and them promptly deleted the whole day from my tracker.

Disclaimer.  I acknowledge this day did happen.  And like they always tell us to do at the meetings....I'm moving on.  Today is a new day.  

Already (I'm at work - you can tell I'm so busy today!) I'm very proud that I didn't mortally wound one of the guys here who just shoved a plate of still-warm, homemade pastries in my face.  We have a middle Eastern driver who still lives with his mom and often brings in goodies that she makes.  And trust me, she is an amazing cook.  But I gracefully declined the pastries and feel pretty good about that. 

Brace yourself. 
And don't judge. 

(small pic = whispering)

Let's break it down, shall we?  Let's explore. 
Tim Hortons Bagel BELT - 18 pts
peanut crunch donuts - 11 pts
Salad - 10 pts
obviously the best thing I had all day. 
with 2 eggs. tuna, cheese & fat free ranch. 
Bag o Fritos - 10 pts
Granola bar - 6 pts
Dinner #1
I went to do some prop painting at the dance studio last night & they brought in pizza
2 slices Little Casears Hot & Ready pepperoni & 1 breadstick - 23 pts
Dinner #2
on my way home after painting. (aka totally unnecessary)
McDonalds Quarter pounder with cheese - 18 pts
medium fries -  10 pts

...and I just realized that I forgot to track the 4 Tagalong Girl Scout cookies I had, too.
So yeah - it's actually worse.

I got nothing to even say about this. 

And then!!  This part is actually funny and probably would have happened even if I'd been on plan 100%.
I knew I was going to be painting, so I dug out a pair of really old jeans.  I also knew that, for a long time, there had been a hole at the corner of one of the back pockets, but my t-shirt was long enough to cover it.  So off I went!  You can probably guess where this is going. 

 The props we were working on are part of the production they're putting on this year.  It's based on the boardgame Clue, so there is a dining room table & chairs, but also a series of 5 doors.  So we were painting the doors & frames.  Sho nuff....the first time I bent down to dip my roller in the paint...... this happened. 
and my t-shirt was no longer long enough to cover it!  So I had to spend the evening with my hoodie tied around my waist.  It was kind of drafty!

So yeah.  One thing I was surprised about is that considering as gross as I feel right now, I was still able to easily take my rings off when I put lotion on my hands!!  Usually when I eat a lot of salt, my fingers swell and getting my rings off is a struggle.  Maybe drinking my usual amount of water helped in that aspect?  


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  1. I'm on a fail roll - just can't get my mojo back - will have to work extra hard soon to get it going again.


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