Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Still hating being a girl!

My sympathy snuggle buddy.  She's next to me because I was on my side and she likes to lay across my thighs. 
I put a call in to the gyn today.  My female issues were acting up again and being on the pill was doing absolutely nothing for me. The gyn told me to skip the placebo week so that's what I was going to do. But, the insurance company said I was refilling them too soon and wouldn't let me refill then again until yesterday, which made me skip a few days and gave my "regular" cycle a chance to start.  So after lying down all night, when I got up you can just imagine how gravity reacted to that fun!  But anyhoo.  I'm so done with this nonsense!  I've been bleeding for a full 2 months now, with only 1 1.2 day break.   I moved up to option #2.  She did a biopsy on my uterus (just so we know!) and she installed an IUD, so I have a continual dosage of hormones which will hopefully (fingers & toes crossed) slow or stop the bleeding.  Hooray!  But it still does nothing for the fibroids. 

This is a weird thing.  First of all, if I'd known how bad everything would make me cramp on top of the ones I already had, I would have taken some drugs before going in.  And I totally skipped Zumba tonight.  One of the last things the gyn said was "I hope it stays in!"  I was all WTF!  Don't tell me things like that! She said that my cervix was dilated a little bit, due to my current bleeding, and apparently that opening is what holds it in place.  So yeah - I sure as hell wasn't going to Zumba! I'm sure Monday will be OK to start going again.  Even before I had this done, I wasn't going to go.  I didn't want to be doing my thing and start leaking or any of that grossness in the studio! 

I came home and took some ibuprofen and heated up the heating pad and crashed on the bed with the cats.  I'm all paranoid since I keep expecting to be able to feel it like a tampon, but I know I'm not supposed to.  But I'm also freaked out, what if it falls out when I use the bathroom and I don't know it?  I don't analyze what's in the bowl before I flush.  I go back in a month for an ultrasound to check on it, so I guess I'll know then! 

Here's my fitbit stats for last week.  I'm pretty pleased with those.  
Oh yeah - I was down .8 lb.  I was hoping more, but I'll take it!
You sure can tell the days I did Zumba - I have an 11K step day and a 12K day!  Saturday I was at my sister's and we went to my parent's place up north  so we did a lot of walking around up there, for old time's sake.
I actually journalled!  And planned!  That took a lot longer than I expected.  I couldn't keep my attention on it, but it's done AND I have a grocery list made.  I've been thinking it's Thursday all day today!
I slept really good last night, I guess it started to storm around 2, but it didn't wake my up until almost 4.  I don't think I opened my eyes, but heard the thunder & saw lightning thru my eyelids and I thought, yay! Then went back to sleep.  I love storms!

No exciting plans for St. Patrick's Day.  We did our girl's night Saturday with the sister's but I haven't blogged about it yet.  We had Bloody Mary's then went out to dinner.  Then went back to Laurie's and played a rousing game of Pie Face and some Scattergories, then watched Dr. Pol on TV.  We are such crazy party animals!! 

I need to get ready for bed so I can make my 2300 taps.  Keep sending those thoughts & prayers this way!  



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