Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's a super lazy day.....and it's been fantastic!

Life barely started stirring around here before noon today, and since it's highly unusual, it was a nice change.

The dog woke me up around 6:30am so I took him outside and fed him...then went back to bed.  Angel had stayed the night at a friend's house and was home around 9:30am....then she went back to bed.  Randy woke up with a bad sinus headache, so he got up around 10am and took some medicine...and he went back to bed!

We finally get out of bed and the cats take over MY side! 
I drifted in & out after Angel got home, but got up for good at 11:30 when Jack wanted to go outside again.  I spent the quiet time getting caught up on reading blogs (I confess to marking quite a few of the 400+ blog posts as read!)  It's been almost 3 weeks since I read any, ooops!

I messed around on the blogs for a while.  Have I mentioned the A-Z blogging challenge lately??  I'll be posting every day in April, except Sundays and each day my topic will correspond with the appropriate letter of the alphabet.  Monday is the BIG theme reveal!  I don't like to be stressed, so I've been working on & pre-scheduling my posts.   You should sign up, it's fun!  And the variety of themes is quite astounding.  Right now there's 1242 blogs signed up!  
Last night, Randy and I went out to dinner, then wandered around the Salvation Army (aka "date night"!) For some reason, both of us found this giant stuffed sheep highly entertaining, so we brought it home!  This morning, I put it in bed next to him, with its head on my pillow and under the covers, so when he rolled over, he was nose-to-nose with it, Muahahaha!  His name is Simon. 
I went out Thursday and put the Easter blowmolds out in the front yard.  I need to switch out the indoor stuff, but I'll get it done tonight.  St. Pats & Easter are too close this year!
Last weekend we did our annual St. Pat's Girls Night Out.  For some reason Mom backed out, but her loss. Then she acted surprised that Angel & Catie were there.  Last I checked, they're girls, too!  Now she's being wishy-washy about Easter, too.  Something weird is going on, but I don't know what.  Normally she's all about our GNOs and is right there planning holidays with us.  Now she's saying she doesn't know if she'll be there for Easter???  WTF?? What else would she be doing?  So she knows that she's invited, but we're planning as tho she won't be there.  We don't want to expect her to bring the ham or whatever and then she bail on us.
Anyway, Laurie, Linda & I went up north with our cousin Debbie.  Then Catie & Angel met us at Laurie's house and we all went out to dinner, wearing our green.  Then we went back to Laurie's and played a rousing game of PieFace  (Angel was clearly the winner, since she never got hit.  So we made her play until she got hit!) 
Then we played Scattergories and then watched several episodes of Dr. Pol since Linda & I had never seen it.  He's local to "the Farm" and Laurie wonders if he's the vet who treated her horse when he cut his foot, many many moons ago. 

It was funny that the next morning, Jack went to Linda and asked to go outside, since he never bothered me.  She must have been awake already and he knew it.  But I was awake once she let her dogs out and Webster came flying across the room and landed on my bladder!  Laurie likes when I stay over, since she gets to sleep in and knows I'll go out and take care of the horses. 

Catie with all the festive puppies!
I has waving around the celery out of my Bloody Mary so 3 of the 4 were really interested.
That's a cyst of some sort on his melon. On a hair follicle. The vet isn't concerned about it, so we just deal with the ugly.  Altho I do wonder if tea tree oil or something would work on it like it's supposed to on skin tags.  Hmmm, thoughts to ponder. 
The rest of the week should be pretty quiet.  We don't get any extra time off work around Easter so we'll hopefully head up to Laurie's Friday night.  I'll have the everything ready so all we have to do it jump in my car and leave as soon as Randy gets home...if he leaves work at a reasonable time!  Angel apparently has to work Saturday night so she'll have to drive separately.

Randy's over there watching last week's SNL with Arianna Grande and I like her, so I'm out!


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  1. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun! So glad you'll be AtoZing again this year. I have thought SNL has gone way down overall in quality over the years. But we caught that episode and I have to say in many ways it reminded me of the show back in it's glory days. Life & Faith in Caneyhead


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