Friday, March 4, 2016


This weekend is the Applause Talent Dance Competition - aka "Regionals" !  Depending on how well they do here, they could move on to Nationals in Charleston SC in June!  

2 years ago, DOS competed at Energy Dance Regionals and every single one of our dances went on to Nationals. So we're feeling pretty confident (and extremely hopeful) that they'll do well.  We already have hotel rooms reserved in Charleston and have been pricing flights! 

Thursday night was dress rehearsal at the studio.  This is all about the costumes so ignore sloppy hair & no makeup!  I had to have 3 of Angel's costumes altered so it was good to see how they fit. 

Small Group Tap - I Love Rock & Roll (Joan Jett)
Personally love this costume and the dance! 
Kayla, Sarah & Angel.

 Small Group Jazz - Call Me (from Blondie) 

 Large Group Contemporary - Injection of the Soul
Honestly, I don't love the costume or the dance, but what do I know?  
The girls all love the skirt, tho!
 (she's standing over the window, in front)

 Jazz Line - Mony Mony (Billy Idol)
Can't wait to see the disco-ball dresses on stage!
Alayna & Angel

 HipHop Line - Clique (a mix of songs, thankfully PG13 versions!)
OK, they're goofing off beforehand here.  Angel's really not going to kick that girl in the head!

 This little cutie is Reece, the littlest girl in the lines.  She's 6 and is even doing a solo!

 Jazz Solo - I Wanna Dance With Somebody

 Jazz Duet - Two of Hearts
There's a strong 80s theme with the music this year! 

Saturday is the younger girls' solos & small groups and a couple teen dances.  All of Angel's are Sunday.  Her first dance is at 8am, the last at 8:50pm!  I'm pretty sure it's also the last one of the competition, too.  Awards are right after.  And the venue is like 45 minutes away from home.  So it's gonna be a LONG day but I can't wait to see how they do!  I'll make sure I take my cowbell so I can ring it wildly for all the DOS girls!


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