Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy Tuesday-after-Easter!

Hope you had a good (hopefully long) Easter weekend!

I didn't get any extra time off, but Randy did manage to get home before me.  That was a pleasant surprise! Angel had to work Saturday night, so she drove herself and the dog to my sister's for the family shenanigans and left right after I got home.  I finished packing and showered while Randy loaded the car, then we met the family for dinner.  
Gratuitous cuteness!

Friday night we spent quality time in the barn, getting the horses cleaned up for a vet visit on Saturday.  That meant selfies!!
me & Kisses

me & Captain

Saturday morning the vet came out for vaccinations for both horses & both barn cats.  Captain needs some dental work done, but the vet wouldn't do it the same day as the vax.  He would need to be sedated & at his age doing both the same day would be too hard on him.  So if Laurie needs an extra set of hands when he comes back out, I'll go help out.  

 We took the dogs for a walk
 (aka the Mutt Strut)

and Angel decorated the bunny cake.  It was quite elaborate this year!

Saturday is when we had Easter dinner.  We had 9 in attendance and most contributed to the feast.  Then Dave & Jamie left, because they have allergies to all Laurie's critters and can't handle being at her house long.  Catie & Charlie stayed to color eggs, then left.  Mom & Linda left not long after them.  That left my fam & Laurie as usual!  Angel missed dinner, but she got off work early and made it back to color eggs.  She was happy since she didn't want to miss that!
Webster is a very busy guy.  He has to be a part of everything going on. 
Here he's inspecting an egg before I color it.  

Jack has his own way of being in the middle of things.  
He's more like a speed-bump in the kitchen.

Sunday was pretty low-key.  
The Easter bunny was a slacker this year - he forgot M&Ms for our baskets!! 
(Laurie got a Ken doll in her basket!)

Then we hid 2 1/2 dozen eggs a total of 3 times.  
Randy was happy that I found this egg, strategically hidden ON my license plate.
He makes one like this every year - it's for the Michigan QSO party, a ham radio contest he does every year.  He draws Michigan & an antenna and takes lots of pictures of it. 

We always have at least one totally inappropriate egg. Usually they're just colored brown so the blend in with the horse poop.  This year's had a penis on it. And there was much discussion on how it should look....side profile or front, erect or no?  We're so bad!  Oh, and that green one?  Has a butt & boobs on it. 

Then we went for a walk while Randy loaded the car.  We went around the block and it was pretty muddy and he didn't bring boots.  
 Laurie had the dogs, and I walked Kisses, but Angel wanted to ride.  So we were a pretty motley bunch going around the block!
Laurie & Jack walking with Captain Slow & Barney Slow. 

Kisses enjoyed her little walk.

Captain is still pretty good-looking for such an old man!  He's 24.
He's been the ideal horse for the kids to learn on.  
Nothing bothers him and he loves the attention.

Barney & Rusty the barn cat enjoying the sunshine. 

Saturday was breezy & kind of chilly, but Sunday was glorious!  It was upper 60s and sunny.  It actually got a bit warm on the walk and I was just wearing a hoodie.   I'm glad the storms held off until later that evening so everyone could have a nice day!

I didn't sleep well Friday night.  We camp out in the basement and Randy & I put our air mattress near the laundry room because Laurie said it would be warm.  But I was getting a cold draft onto my head from somewhere and I could imagine my brain getting cold!  So I took my flannel lounge pants and wrapped them around my head, then I could finally get to sleep.  Saturday night, we put the mattress in the living room and it was much better.  Both nights I felt one of the cats sleeping between or on my legs - it was Cody, who is my Daisy's brother.  Her younger cats are on the shy side - it's usually so quiet at her house that it freaks them out when family gatherings happen.  Charly the older cat always makes an appearance to see what's going on. 

It's always so nice to get home after being away a few days.  I was OK while I was there since I was on the go so much, but once we got in the car to come home, I kept dozing and head-bobbing.  So glad Randy was driving!  And I try to avoid showering at Laurie's house, since she's got hard, smelly, well water and I never feel clean after getting in it. So a shower at home is like Heaven!

Did you do anything fun?


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