Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dance Pics 2015

I was so happy to see the large white envelope from Northern Lights Photography in the mail today!  We've been waiting for these!  Pretty sure the photographers thought Miss Angela was part fireman, since she was changing in and out of costumes so quickly.   I wanted photos of ALL of her costumes this year, which meant the 3 additional ones from the other team she was on.  She does have one more dance, but it's acro and she just wears black shorts & top so I didn't require a special photo of that. 

I'm loving the ballet costume this year.  It's so elegant.
Ballet - 'Masquerade Suite' 
 Pointe - 'Little Swans'
 Competition Jazz (duet) - 'Cold Hearted'
...with her partner Katie.
 Competition Jazz (solo) - 'Sophisticated Lady'
 Hiphop - 'My Love'
 Lyrical - 'Peace'
 Competition Tap - 'Grown Woman'
 Competition Contemporary - 'A Walk in the Park'
 Competition Hiphop - 'Bounce'
 Competition Jazz - 'She Bangs'
Movement Project Jazz (JamFest National Champs 2015!)
Mal forgot to bring this jazz costume with her, oh shucks!
There were 7 girls in the group all together, but only these 2 from our studio. 
 Movement Project Hiphop
 Movement Project Pom

Since we got the blessing for Angel to dance with DOS for another year, Friday night she attended a clinic with a goodly amount of other girls at the studio and Sunday she will be trying out for the new All Star team.  I'm pretty sure this is a trial thing, they'll be going to 1 or 2 competitions of the same type that the Movement Project went to - of the cheer type.  So they'll be doing just hiphop and pom.  We're pretty confident she'll be making this team, also.  I'd say well over 3/4 of the girls at the clinic are currently on the studio competition team.  

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