Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Congrats UHS Class of 2015!!

Just posting real quick since OMG, this happened Saturday!  

Commencement was held in the Palace of Auburn Hills - so when the principal told us each student (all 400 or so) could bring 50 people and we'd still have plenty of room, he wasn't kidding!

They scrolled all of the yearbook pictures across the Jumbo-tron.  We were happy to catch her since they weren't in alphabetical order.  In fact, names weren't even on them. 
Her mop of blonde hair made her stand out.  She told us where she was sitting so we could get close. 

Marching out of the tunnel to their seats. 

Listening to the speeches.
By the way - the boy who'd been in the accident?  He wasn't allowed to graduate with his class.  Talk about adding insult to injury!  Read about that HERE.  When the Superintendent of Schools got up to speak, she was booed.  And when it would have been Joe's turn to walk, several people yelled out his name.
Crossing the stage. 
After they crossed the stage and got the folder, they went along the line of teachers and shook hands / hugged.  Behind where they were sitting, they got their pictures taken in front of the flags and then got their actual diplomas. 
I like how they did the tassel ceremony.  They held the tassel on the right - this represented their sophomore year and there was a story about it.  Then they held it in the middle - that represented their junior year (and story), then they moved it over to the left and that was for their senior year (and a story) 

They went up to the concourse thru the stands - she came right by us!
So Proud!
With BFF Brittney and Britt's boyfriend. 
We went out to dinner afterward and the waitress was happy to take our picture.


  1. Congratulations, Angela! Thanks for sharing her big day - brought back memories of Sophia's graduation - two years ago already, where has the time gone?

    1. It just seems like it wasn't that long ago when I was sitting in a tiny chair for Kindergarten orientation / meet the teacher and looking at the "Welcome Class of 2015" on the board, thinking that was so far away! It really wasn't.


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