Saturday, September 13, 2014


A real post from me!

I'm kicking my butt and making myself start writing real, quality posts a LOT more often than I was.  I follow a lot of blogs and Adrienne over at Chronicles of a Curvy Housewife was talking about getting into a low carb challenge with some FB friends.  Since I've been trudging right along with WW, I haven't paid much attention to low carb anything, even tho it plays a big part in calculating my Points.  

I don't want to dive right in with going low carb, I want to pay attention to how many I consume in a day.  At least for starters.  

As of this afternoon - I was at about 140 and that did not include my dinner of baked salmon, green beans and wild rice.   I even tracked today - and I've been really bad with slacking off on the weekends.  

So here's my last week's progress reports from eTools - I was pretty happy with being down 1.2 lbs after being up 1.7 after vacation.  I'm glad I wasn't counting carbs then - it would have been astronomical!  

Activity was decent - 33 APs for the week.  My goal for each week is 32.  I'm kind of surprised since I haven't done a whole lot.  I think the Activelink gets a false reading if you do a lot of driving.  



Sheesh, is it cold where you are?  It's calling for clear and 41* tonight!  I don't think it even made it up to 60* today.  Sure wish we could see the northern lights!  They're supposed to showing pretty far south, but according to the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center (am I a geek or what??) it's not looking likely anyway. 

I made a point to clean out out laundry room today, which is where our furnace is located.  I should take a pic - I don't know what moron thought this layout was a good idea.  Maybe when it was built they used smaller stackable units.  But I have to straddle the corner of the furnace in order to reach into the washer and then twist my left leg in awkwardly to open the dryer door and stand like that while transferring clothes.   Anyhoo, I made sure there were no stray socks or dryer sheets or dust bunnies around the furnace in case we decide we need to turn it on tonight. 

Alrighty - we'll see how I do with da Carbs tomorrow.  Miss Angela is gone for the weekend, so we may go out for breakfast.  I'm not sure about dinner yet.  If I have my say, we won't be ordering our usual pizza - YAY!  If I never saw the Jet's delivery guy again in my life, it would be too soon.  Her & Randy could live on that stuff.  

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