Saturday, September 20, 2014


So last week I decided to pay attention to my carb intake - just for shitz & gigglez, ya know.   Holy crap!

I didn't even finish out the week, but Sunday was 147g, Monday 250g, Tuesday 200g, Wednesday 195g. The Lean Cuisines I had for lunch ranged from 29g - 51g themselves!  It was somewhat depressing.  I'm thinking I need to cut back on the processed foods (OK, and get back to the gym!) and maybe my numbers will start moving in the right direction.  I've been looking for my Simple Start book from WW, but can't find it, so I'm going to have to get a new one at the meeting this week.

I think I'm going to start going to Wednesday meetings at the new place.  Last week I had to go to Open House (curriculum night / meet the teachers / whatever you may call it) at Miss Angela's school on Thursday so I went to the Wednesday WW meeting.  Well on Wednesday, I only went back to the studio to find out all the info from Angel's ballet teacher on how to sew the ribbons & elastics onto pointe shoes.  They all assumed I was there to Zumba!  But since I wasn't wearing the right shoes or bra, I told them I'd do it this week.  That actually may work pretty good.  I liked the leader better, too.

Here's this week progress reports - I have no idea what happened Wednesday!  Totally missed tracking completely.  I was up a smidge and had 26 APs.  Mother Nature may have had a hand in the gain, tho.

You know what I hate?  When you eat something that may be perfectly on plan and such, but afterward you feel like you ate a whole cow?  I know that has to do with paying attention to my body's fullness signals, but it still sucks.  

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