Monday, September 8, 2014

Remembering Tina....

I have participated in the A-Z Challenge for the last several years.  One of the co-hosts was the lovely Miss Tina Downey, who blogged at Life is Good.

Sadly, we lost Tina on August 23 after a longtime illness that she fought cheerfully and bravely, you'd never know she was hurting as badly as she was.  Her posts reflected her blog name - that life truly was good!

Tina's favorite flower was the in her honor -  here is what I imagine Heaven looks like for her...

Many prayers to Tina's family and friends.


  1. May we all walk in the glow of Tina's flowers. She brought so many if us much laughter and friendship.

  2. Yes, that does look like Heaven for a sunflower lover, doesn't it?

  3. I love that 'heavenly' image...
    Life is good!


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