Monday, September 22, 2014

Sh*t just got realz

There are so many adorable blog posts out there recently about people's babies going off to school for the first time and the accompanying parental reactions.

What about those of us on the other end of the spectrum?

It doesn't seem like it's been that long since I was sitting in that kindergarten room with "Welcome Class of 2015" written across the board, That year brought Daisy Girl Scouts, latchkey, munchkin ballet classes and a million notes from the teacher about her "strong personality" (that I wish I'd kept!!).


Miss Angela is a senior this year. This brought her last first day of school a couple weeks ago. We've started having senior pictures taken. Our mailbox is filled each day with literature from different colleges. She took driver's training over the summer and has her learners permit (we made her wait since she's had summer school the past 3 summers.)


She went with me when I donated blood last month and we found out she could attempt - but you have to be 110 lbs / 5'6" tall if you're under 19 years old. She's only 5'4" and is barely over the 110 lbs. So she has to wait a few years. I was proud of her for wanting to try, since she doesn't like needles at all.

OMG - cap & gown! I can't even......

The first thing that really sent a pang thru my heart was the FB post from the school district listing the planned graduation dates. Our school district has 4 high schools = 2000+ graduates! They're renting the Palace of Auburn Hills for the day. Each school has a time slot. Insanity.

Come June 6, I will be a blubbering mess. 

Homecoming is the this weekend. Angel comes home with her first-world problems. She doesn't know who to go to the dance with. There are several friends of the male type who are possibilities. Also several female friends want her to go with them. O, the problems to have! She asked me for advice and I just looked at her blankly. I never had a problem like that! I went to exactly 1 homecoming football game in my 4 years of high school and never went to a dance. I did go to both my junior & senior proms - junior prom I took my older brother (can we say LOSER???) and senior prom I asked a freshman to go (and now louder - LOSER!!)

Speaking of Homecoming....wearing white for the pep rally! Sophomores wear red and juniors wear blue - they've been planning these outfits for weeks.


Gosh, what else? Prom. All-Night Senior Party. Applying for college (she plans to go to the local community college). Getting a job. Thankfully we haven't had much of an issue with boys. There's been an interest here & there, but nothing serious. Actually that kind of surprises me, but I'm really not complaining.

Sigh. Where did my baby go??


  1. i think the day my daughter graduates high school or college i will bawl the same as when she first went off to school. i can't even begin to imagine her being over 6 yrs old!

    your daughter is beautiful! you must be so proud :)

    1. Thanks! I can't tell her that, because she'll say "I know!" - heehee. No shortage of ego in my family!
      I still can't picture her turning 17 (day after tomorrow!!) I still see her as being like 12 years old, all arms & legs.....This parenting stuff is hard!!


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