Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ugh, I hurt!

But it's a good hurt!  I went back to Zumba tonight.   ((smiley face!!))  I really like wall push-ups!  I can keep good form and go all the way to the wall and feel my arms, back & chest working!  On the floor? Forget it.

This works out well - I take Miss Angela to dance, visit for a while, go to my WW meeting, then back to the studio for Zumba.  I get done the same time Angel gets done with pointe.   I'm pretty proud that I did not order anything from Wendy's when we stopped - just got something for the starving kid and waited to have a salad when I got home.

I was able to get a new Simple Start book from the desk ladies tonight.  Yay!  I've gotten in such a habit of what I pack for breakfast & lunch every day that I forget that I have things like cheese sticks that I could have for a snack when I get home.  I walk in the door at 4 and am ravenous!  I like having options, but this book also tells me exactly what I should be eating.  I opted not to get on the scale tonight, so maybe next week will be a pleasant surprise!

So here's my progress reports.  I changed my days on both eTools and the Activelink to Wednesday so that blank day is showing up again.  But that's OK.  Ugh, Friday was ugly!  I used a total of 61 points that day!   I don't think I've ever used that many (if any) of my APs ever!  Randy & I went out to dinner and I got a burger with a snotty egg (sunny side up) and bacon on it and we split an appetizer of chips & guac.  I obviously tracked it all!  But damn, it was sooooooo good!

22 APs for the week.
Hmm, it has my baseline set at 5 APs -  so my goal is 35 per week to reach 100%.  I just noticed that!

Alrighty, my hair is finally dry so I'm going to take some aspirin to ward off aches & pains and turn in for the night!

On an ending note, check out this tree I pass on my way home, it's so pretty!   Funny how just the top part has changed color!   I wish my maples trees were like this - mine just turn yellow.  Yawn.

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