Friday, March 7, 2014

I'm still here!!

I haven't been posting as much as I want to lately.  Ugh,  life just happens!  Thankfully it's not been anything bad. Just busy.  

Here's a brief rundown how my weeks have been going...

Monday - Work (730am -330pm) Go to the gym.  Dinner is usually "fend for yourself".  Take Miss Angela to dance. (715pm)   Go grocery shopping while she's there, take it home & put away.  Back to pick her up at 930pm.  Get lunch & clothes ready for Tuesday.  Bed

Tuesday - Work.  Take Miss A. to dance at 6pm. She's only there for an hour so I stay, I have a cross-stitch project I hope to finish by Halloween, or I'll take a book.  Dinner. Now that RuPaul's DragRace is back on - I'll watch it online.  Get lunch & clothes ready for Wednesday.  Bed.

Wednesday - Work.  Home for maybe 30 minutes.  Take Miss A. to dance at 5pm.  She's there til 930pm again.  Go to the gym. Dinner.  Get lunch & clothes ready for Thursday.  Bed.

Thursday - Work.  Every other week Miss A goes to dance at 530pm.  WW meeting at 6.  Pick her up at 8pm.  Dinner.  Get lunch & clothes ready for Friday.  Bed

Friday - Work.  Sometimes go to the gym. Really my only night with nothing pressing. 

Saturday - Zumba 9am.


Don't forget to throw in errands, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc, etc, etc.  I feel like I'm on the go all the time!!  And Miss Angela's first competition is in 2 weeks, so I fully expect some extra classes to be added to the agenda.    

How do people function with more than one kid???

How cute is this?  Chester likes to be her teddy bear.  
I know he put himself right there, since he'd wandered by me not long before I took this. 

I'm pretty happy that I have an eye appointment Sunday.  It's been less than a year since I've had one, but I don't care.  I've always gone to America's Best Contacts and have had no issues with them ever.  Then last year, I decided to go to Pearle Vision, since that's where Randy goes and they take our insurance.  Big Mistake.  First thing that damn eye doc said was "Oh look - you're going to be 40 this year.  Time to think about reading glasses!" This asshole hadn't even looked at my eyes yet.  Seriously!  He's lucky he didn't get punched in the throat!  Then he saw I'd been wearing weekly contacts forever and decided I should wear monthlies.  Basically I would wear them during the day, take them out at night, then toss them after a month and get a new pair.  In theory, that's great.  But they are crazy thick and not comfortable at all.  I went thru 3 pairs of samples since I kept telling him that I can't see at work!  I can't focus.  So he'd tweak the prescription.  I finally just dealt with it, but it sucked!!  

Oh, and they ordered me a full year supply of contacts.  The first 6 month supply came in and they didn't call me to pick them up until the second half came in.  I was pissed, since the samples I had were pretty useless.  I asked why they didn't call me when the first ones came in - they didn't want me to have to make 2 trips.  People!  Let me be the judge of that!  It's not like it's a 4 hour drive to get to the store!  So I suffered thru half the supply and on the way to work one day, I was wondering if I really HAD to have the monthlies, since that's got to be the problem.  So I called.  The gravelly-voiced robot lady (her voice makes me cringe!!) told me that the doc just went in with a patient so she would ask him when he came out.  4 hours later, she called back and asked if whet I wanted was one of the samples I'd tried initially.  I said NO!  I used to wear this certain type & brand (from ABC) and they were great.  She said well, they don't make those any more.  So I asked if they carried anything comparable  She said she'd have to ask the doc.  This was Monday.  Never heard back.   

Oh, and of course, since I had the wonders of the Interwebz right in front of me, I looked up my old brand & type of contacts and saw 100 places to buy them and even called ABC.  Yup, they're available! So they lied about those - they don't carry them, which I'd rather hear instead of a blatant lie. So I am going back to America's Best.  Even tho they don't take our insurance, they have an Eyecare club that you pay so much and get free exams for 3 years and discounted contacts.  I'll just take the other 6 month supply back to Pearle and tell them to kiss my happy ass. 


It almost hit 40 degrees today!   It's funny how the sun makes it feel so much warmer!  I carried my coat out of work.  I even rolled my window down and cranked the radio on the way home!  Which of course is making the mountains of snow soggy. 
February 1 - looking down my driveway, aka the sled run. 

I still took the dog for a walk when I got home tonight, even in the slush & standing water. It didn't bother him in the slightest to wade thru the puddles.  We just went around a couple blocks, which is a short walk but it made him happy. Then he got to go for a ride in the car to pick Miss Angela up from her boyfriend's house. Exciting day for the Jack!  He's passed out on the floor next to me right now. 

Anyhoo, I'm ready for Spring - these nice days are such a tease!   I can't even go out in the yard to look for crocuses in the lawn, since they're still buried under a carpet of snow!

It's really sad how really true the next 2 pics are. 

This is my street about a week ago.  This is what happens when a street is not plowed.  It's covered in about 3 inches of ice and the holes you see are pavement.  This is actually a pretty smooth section of road.  
That morning there was a lovely layer of water over the ice and as I was attempting to leave for work, my car started to fishtail and I ended up doing a 180 spin in the road.  It surprised me more than anything and as I sat there, looking at the way I just came from, I was like "well, crap".   I deserve bonus points for style, since I didn't hit the snowbanks on either side of the road! 


  1. my husband went to vegas for the weekend last weekend and when he came back, i was like: NEVER LEAVE ME. I DON'T KNOW HOW SINGLE MOMS DO IT. we usually split all the chores/child-rearing stuff and doing it all on my own was hard! you're right - how do multi-kid families do it??

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

    1. I'm so glad that my kid is old enough to stay home by herself - I can't imagine having a bunch of little ones! AAARGH ! I send kudos and applause to those to have them!


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