Monday, March 17, 2014

Friend Makin' Monday - Holiday Traditions

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

It's a good thing I got my celebrating (everyone is Irish on March 17!!) done this past weekend, since I get to spend this evening at Miss Angela's dance studio for dress rehearsal - her first comp of the season is this weekend!   She's actually perfectly able to do this herself, but she likes the moral support.  She has no problems with me not being around for the recital (I'm in the audience) but for comps, she's 100% Momma's girl. 

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Holiday Traditions.

1. Do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day?  Yes!  We always have a "Girls Night Out" with Mom, my sisters & the nieces.  Usually we dress up and go out to dinner, then back to Laurie's house (she's the oldest sibling) to hang out & spend the night.  This year, we had tickets to go see a local acting group put on "Escanaba in Da Moonlight" and it came with U.P. (Upper Peninsula) type food - pasties (meat pies of a sort), corn & salad.  And since it was in the American Legion - cheap beer! 

Then we had to pick up a few things at the store and then we sat around and played games until 1:30 am.  Linda brought her puppy and that little bugger doesn't have a snooze button!  So he was up at 7 and all we heard was "dingledingledingledingledingle" from the bell on his collar as he tried to get the older dogs and the cat to play.   
Jack is not impressed with Baxter & his bell.
I was proud of Jack - when Baxter was tiny, Jack was afraid of him.  So I'm not sure if Jack was protecting me here, or I was protecting him.  But at least they interacted this time.  

2. Which is your favorite holiday to celebrate?  Without a second's hesitation - Halloween!   I even have a blog dedicated to my yard display - Maple Grove Cemetery.  Love it!  I don't do the blood & gore, tho.  My display is more traditional and somewhat goofy - ghosts, skeletons, obviously a graveyard, black cats, spiders, etc.

3. Do you have a favorite ‘holiday’ food?  Hmm.  We usually have BBQ on the 4th of July - that would have to be my favorite. MEAT!

4. What do you think of holiday parades?  Fun!!

5. Have you ever been part of a parade?  A couple times.  My sister Laurie has always had horses, so one year when I was probably 16, I helped carry the banner in the Christmas parade for the group of people from the barn.  They were all dressed up as Scrooge & the ghosts from A Christmas Carol.  Another year when I was probably 14,  for Memorial Day she was the pooper scooper and I got to ride!  Her horse was one of those great ones who was never bothered by anything going on around him, but he also loved a parade!  We started out in the back of the group, but Nibbs pranced his way to the front & center of the group, with his ribbons fluttering and glittered hooves dancing. That was the greatest day ever!  We walked in the UAW parade on Labor Day in Detroit for a lot of years, until my dad retired.  More recently, I've helped out with radio communications, so I'm usually standing along the parade route on the 4th of July with my radio.

6. Do you decorate your house for the holidays?  Yes. And my desk at work, too!  I have stuff for just about every holiday.  Of course, Christmas and Halloween are the most involved.

7. Do you send holiday cards?  I send Christmas cards to a lot of people and family gets cards for the other holidays & random times.  They always gets the funny / gross ones.

8. Are there any holidays that you celebrate that are traditional in another country, but maybe less well known in the US?  I work for a trucking company that goes into Canada & Mexico, so we have to work around their holidays, too.  Like today in Mexico, plants are closed for Benito Juarez's birthday.

Top O The Day To Ye !!


  1. I donned my Guinness T-shirt today... the one with the big shamrock on the back, but that's as dressed up as I got.

    My favorite holiday is 4th of July. Aside from the food and fireworks, it's the one day when everyone stops complaining about how "horrible" this country is and celebrates everything about it.

    1. We go overboard with dressing up for our GNOs, but at work they still insist we keep with dress code. Ppppbth.

  2. Love how you celebrate St Patrick's Day with a girls night out :)
    The puppy looks very cute

    1. It's funny how many places expect us to be rowdy (yes! With elderly mom & minors, we are SO rowdy!!) but we have a good time.


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