Monday, January 21, 2013

Friend Makin' Monday - Just some things

Since our lovely Miss Kenlie  is off taking care of some family stuff, Chris over at Wisdom, Courage, Power has taken the reins and created an FMM for this week.

Thanks, Chris!!

Middle name?  Marie.
I have been called the oddball in my family many times.  Besides being the only child born in an odd year (until my own daughter arrived), I'm also the only one named after my Mom.
Dad's name was James Curtis.  My half brother is named Jimmy Curtis.  My brothers are John James and Terry Curtis.  My nephews are James Richard & Alexander Curtis.  My sisters are Laura Lee (Dad's Dad was Homer Lee) and Linda Bea (Dad's Mom was Ora Beatrice).  Yup.  I've mentioned before about the ego in my family - see where is comes from??  Mom's name is Mary.
Incidentally - notice me & my sister's names all start with L, end with A and middle names rhyme?  We're just awesome like that.  Not planned, either!

Pets?  My Beagle Jack and 2 cats, Chester & Maddie. I consider myself to be Bi-petual since I love them all equally.  We also have 3 fish tanks.  One of them is a huge old pleco (the algae eaters that suction themselves to the glass) called Mr. Clean.

If you could only do one workout, what would it be?   Hmmm.  I like the challenge of yoga, but I've only done the Wii version.  I imagine the real kind is much tougher.

Do you have a mentor, or at least someone to look up to?  I can't think of anyone personally that stands out.  My dad, up until he passed away, probably.

If you could have one Superpower, what would it be?   I'm not up on my Wonder Friends, so I'll guess something like super speed so I can get housework & mundane crap done quickly.

Do you have a talent?  I have a vivid imagination and like to create.  My Halloween display at Maple Grove Cemetery is a good example of that.  I made everything myself, with very minor assistance from the hubby.  For some reason he didn't want me using the circular saw myself.  pfft.

So that's all for now - hope Kenlie & her family are all doing well !

btw - don't talk to me about the Wing's game Saturday.  I turned it off halfway thru the 3rd.  Apparently someone forgot to tell them the lockout was over!!


  1. I love reading these. I alwasy find things I can sorta relate to. Like family names. EVERYONE is named after someone.

  2. Especially when you come from big families!


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