Friday, January 11, 2013

13 in 13 check in

Alrighty - since I managed to attend a meeting last night (I was up .4 lbs - boooo!) I thought I'd do a weekly update on 13 in 13 so far. And (how I plan to accomplish my goals).

To Achieve - Onederland

1. plan meals weekly.  Check!  I am stopping to get some staples on my way home tonight to make it thru the weekend - I'm totally craving veggies!  Full grocery shopping early next week.

2. eat more / new veggies every week (1 recipe from book per week).  Check!  I had brussels sprouts last night.  I had planned to roast them, but found out I had bought a steamer bag so I had them steamed with a couple shots of spray butter.  FYI - these are NOT 0 WW points, even if the scanner app says so.

3. take better care of my skin (lotion AM, wash face PM, lotion PM) Check!  I've been washing & lotioning my face / neck / chest morning & night.  I haven't been getting all of the rest of my body, but I've been doing parts every day.  Elbows after I get out of the shower.  My feet at night with some really thick lotion, etc.

4. be a better blogger.  Meh.  2/3.  I obviously posted here, and on MCG, but not RR since New Years.  Oops!  But tomorrow night we're going to see Monster Jam at Ford Field, so there will be monster truck pictures posted over there!  And we'll have dinner at the Hockeytown Cafe before the show hopefully without a 90 minute wait!

This is going to be a good year, since every other year, Monster Jam is the same night as opening night at the North American International Auto Show (this is Detroit - peeps!  The Motor City!) and sometimes also a Red Wings game.  Parking is scarce on a night like that!  But the Auto Show starts next weekend & the Wings will be playing on the road (YAY HOCKEY!!!)

5. get my house de-cluttered (15 minutes per day) 5/7  I got all the Christmas stuff put away.  The last 2 nights I've done nothing.  I didn't exactly have a headache, but I felt weird and I just wanted silence.  The people at work seem to have no volume control lately!!

6. dust off my WAH DVDs (2 or more x per week / other DVD or Wii) 2/3  Since I have room in my living room now, I've been on the Wii twice.  I opened up a couple new yoga moves and I can feel those today!  My arms / hands are not able to twist so that my palms touch behind my back with fingers pointed up toward my head.  Not without excessive drama & moaning, anyway.  Then leaning forward, too?  HA!!

7. cut back on unnecessary spending (see #5)  ~checks calendar~ Check!!  I confess I went to a few stores that day I was home alone before going back to work.  I ended up getting 2 candy cane blowmolds and a toy soldier blowmold for my Christmas yard display.  And maybe another nutcracker.  They are stored in the shed on the back of the garage.  But that was technically last week, not this one!

8. MGC fence - nada

9. rededicate myself to WW (weekly meeting / track 5/7 day) Meeting - Check! Tracking - maybe 3/7.  I've been doing fine at work, but not so well at night.

10. figure out & use Kindle Fire - nada  Do you know these don't come with manuals???  Guess you're supposed to automatically know what to do with it!!  I will be downloading (uploading?) a book or two this weekend so I have something to do while waiting for Miss Angela at the dentist Monday.

11. get RACES certification (30 min per week) - haven't even touched the book yet!


13. wean myself off pop
( stop drinking one hour earlier every month)  maybe not stopping an hour earlier but I am choosing water over pop more often in the evening.  After after my a.m. can in the morning, I've been drinking green tea at lunchtime.  

So that's the progress this week!  I'm going to try to keep the update posts on Thursday or Fridays for regularity's sake. 

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  1. you making some progress, remember small steps count! Good luck.


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