Wednesday, January 2, 2013

13 in 13

Ugh, I'm already a day behind in this! Darn vacation - I forgot what day it was! Randy went back to work and Angel went back to school today, so I should be back on track now.  Especially since I head back to the grind tomorrow.

Alrighty - here's the grand, overall scoop on 13 in 13 (thanks, Rebecca!)

* set myself 13 challenges for 2013 - each month will have a theme
* each month, within that theme, I'll need to set myself a mini-goal or two
* the 13th challenge will be slightly different (ooooo, intriguing!!)
* it's up to me if I want to participate in all 13 challenges, but if I do, I'm entered in a prize drawing!

So here we go!

What do I want to achieve in 2013?  I really want to be in Onederland.  Actually, I want to reach 194.6 lbs. That will get me the 75 lb washer from WW to put on my keychain (pic below)  This is just the icing on the cake of health!

If I could wake up tomorrow and everything is all sunshine & roses - what would be look like?  
*I'd like to see Randy lose some weight.  I know he'd feel so much better & healthier.  Right now, he's 5'6' tall and 320 lbs.  When we got home from vacation, I had to yell at him to stop shoveling snow after less than 20 minutes, since he was so winded it really scared me.  And when he does a lot of walking, (well, a lot for him) he complains about his ankle hurting.  Gee - wonder why!  
* I'd also like to see Miss Angela do better in school.  She is making an attempt to bring her grades up, but right now she's got (gasp!) a B+, 3 Cs and 2 Ds.  Honestly, this the best progress report I've seen in a long time!  I'd also like to see her eat healthier. She's thin and athletic (a competitive dancer) but she needs the proper fuel.  She doesn't like to eat when she first gets up in the morning, which means I'm lucky to get her to drink a glass of milk and take her vitamin before running off to the bus.  And I know she doesn't make good choices at lunch at school.  Dinner is about the only thing I can control for her.  
*As for me, I'd be a healthier, somewhat trimmer, more active version of me.  

So overall, mostly the same, but better. 

Set yourself 12 goals to achieve. 

I haven't figured out how to do the fancy block of signs like Rebecca did, but here we go!

1)  plan meals weekly - I usually do this before grocery shopping so I know that I'm getting what I need to make the meals.  I also use it as an opportunity to clean out the fridge as I look for what I need.  I just need to do it religiously every week.  btw, I hate grocery shopping. 

2)  eat more / new veggies every week!  I'm totally in a rut, salad, carrots, corn, potatoes, the usual.  At my last WW meeting, I picked up the Fruits & Veggies A-Z cookbook.  Not only do they give me new ideas for the old stand-bys, it tells how to cook some of the not-usual-to-me things like artichokes, beets and jicama.  Let's say, 1 recipe from this book a week. 

3)  take better care of my skin - I just looked down at the keyboard and noticed my chipped nails, nasty hangnails and crepe-y skin.  My feet and elbows are scaly unless I bathe in lotion.  Ya know what bugs me?  My hubby has the softest, smoothest, clearest skin ever. His feet & elbows are like a baby's.  He hardly ever gets a pimple.  And all he does is wash with Irish Spring bar soap.  That stuff dries me out even more! 

4)  be a better blogger.  I joined the Blogaholic Social Network, but I haven't really figured out what it's good for yet.  I've gotten some good info, but it seems like most of the people on there are just looking for followers.  I personally don't follow a blog unless it interests me.  Anyway, I have 3 blogs.  This one, one about life in general and one Halloween related.  I post here quite regularly, several times a week.  The Halloween one obviously is slowing down until spring /summertime, when I start actively planning and prop-building again.  Random Ramblings has suffered this past year. 

5)  get my house de-cluttered.  We have a serious case of too much stuff and too small of a house.  When Randy & I moved in here, we took 2 fully-furnished 1100+ sq foot apartments and squeezed into 850 sq feet. Needless to say, no car has ever been in our garage.  We also have limited closet space.  Currently, the towels are in a dresser in my daughter's closet and sheets are in a basket on top of it.  But to get to either, I have to move her hamper (and other random stuff) from in front of the closet door, then move the heavy-duty rolling garment rack that she uses for competitions and recitals. Can't do much about that situation, but the rest of the house I can! 

6)  dust off my Walk At Home DVDs.  Right now it's too flipping cold outside and neither the streets nor the path at the park have been cleared of snow.  Makes for crappy walking.  I will do this twice a week.  And some other DVD or use the Wii Fit at least one other day. Once it gets tolerable outside, I'll head back to the park.  If my back porch is the starting / finish line - it's exactly 2 miles there, around & back.  I can make it longer by going thru the neighborhood different ways. 

7)  cut back on unnecessary spending.  We are fortunate that we're not hurting financially, since both of us have good steady jobs and a savings account.  But the extra buying contributes to #5. 

8)  don't laugh - but I have a goal to get a decent (portable) fence made to put around my cemetery at Halloween this year.  The last 2 years I've watched kids cross the ditch and walk across my neighbors dark yard and attempt to shuffle thru the leaves in my yard while trick or treating.  I have a somewhat elaborate cemetery set up and the yard is literally a web of extension cords under those leaves.  So in everyone's best interests - the little demons' safety & my sanity - there will be a fence to force them to go around to get their damn candy.  Then I won't need to yell at anyone while their adult is standing there like a lump.  I'll start deciding on a plan sometime soon and start acquiring material.  I haven't decided if I'm going to recycle old pallets, or buy wooden stakes from Home Depot.  

9)  rededicate myself to Weight Watchers.  I'm liking the 360 program so far.  I went to a meeting this morning - I don't normally get to attend daytime ones which is a bummer, since I like them!  Lots fewer people.   The leader commented about the bling on my purse.  She said I looked "well traveled".  I have the 10% keychain, the silver 25 lb washer and the copper 50 lb washer and 4 of the 16 week clapping hands attendance awards. 

10)  figure out and use my Kindle Fire that I got for Christmas.  I love reading and this seems ideal.  But right now all I've done is add books to my wish list and surf the net.  Wouldn't you know that I pass a used book store on the way home from work that is going out of business so I just loaded up on books earlier in December!

11)  get my RACES certification.  This is the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. According to the Amateur Radio Relay League it is - administered by local, county and state emergency management agencies, and supported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the United States government. It is a part of the Amateur Radio Service that provides radio communications for civil-preparedness purposes only, during periods of local, regional or national civil emergencies. These emergencies are not limited to war-related activities, but can include natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes.


The last challenge is a big one. I want you to take yourself completely out of your comfort zone but keep in mind it must be still achievable. I want you to really do something amazing! A race? A challenge? Give up your car for a month? THINK BIG AND ACHIEVABLE!  
wean myself off pop, soda, whatever you may call it.  Carbonated beverages - there!  I will have a Coke Zero as soon as I get to work and at least 1 or 2 more in the evenings.  This will be the toughest one for me. 

I'm leaving the other open for right now.  I got the idea from one of the others linked up - sorry I forget which blog you are - but it's brilliant!  I don't have a solid 12 goals as of this minute, so there's room.

So there it is.  No New Year's Resolutions for me,  Just Goals that are all entirely do-able.    


  1. hey, great goals, and hopefully you'll think of the final one soon. whats your kindle fire like? I have a basic kindle but thinking about getting a kindle fire.

  2. I haven't had a chance to mess around with any other kinds of e-readers so I can't really make a comparison. I don't think the screen is going to be outdoor-friendly since it shows a lot of glare. But other than the glare, the screen is really nice & crisp and overall it looks to be user friendly.

  3. Hi Lisa, Great Challenge Here, 13/13
    its really interesting to note about the
    new resolutions for the year.
    May the Almighty full fill all these decisions
    Well, something went wrong i just clicked the
    followers button but my wife's page appeared
    as the avtaar pic. i am unable to follow now
    Anyways Ann is there , you can reach to my
    page from there,
    Keep going, and keep on fulfilling the resolutions one by one
    Have a wonderful time ahead,
    Philip and Ann
    PS. Some pics here are not showing pl. check

  4. Thanks for letting me know about the pics. I'll check into that!

  5. I love the start of a new year and reading everyone's goals! Excited to see you reach them! I got my hubby a Kindle Fire for his birthday a few month's ago and I have almost claimed it for myself because I love it soo much. lol

  6. I need to get busy and take advantage of my 30 day free trial to Amazon Prime and load up on books! Can't wait to use it for what it's meant for!


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