Thursday, January 24, 2013

13 in 13 update

One of these days I will find a darn template / font that I really like & feels right for my blog. Dammit. I do like this grayish-green, tho.  I wanted my bedroom painted this color, but it came out very minty.  Oh well!

I have another rant about other people's eating habits.  Last week were the annoying people who "forget" to eat.  This week it's the people who think they're eating healthy, but obviously are not.  Have you ever witnessed a work marriage?   It's hard to describe, he protects her from evil co-workers and caters to her every whim - she will go get him lunch and coffee, etc.  It's quite disgusting.  Anyhoooo, this particular couple calls this Mediterranean restaurant almost every day and get chicken fattoush salads.  By the way, everyone else takes their lunch to work.  We don't want to pay the $10 a pop for a freakin' salad!  Besides, they don't offer to pick up lunch for anyone else.  Moving on,  I was curious and looked up what a chicken fattoush salad is. It's basically a salad with a variety of greens & spices, grilled chicken, some kind of garlicky dressing & pita triangles. Looks fairly healthy.  But the past week or two, Princess has been complaining about how swollen her fingers are and she can't get her wedding rings off, no matter what she's done.  Lotion, cold water, Epson salt, nothing will budge them.  Well, I bet there are truckloads of sodium in those salads.  That's probably her issue, on top of whatever garbage she eats at home.  And she sure doesn't drink any / much water during the day to flush that salt out, either.  Of course she's a complainer, too. 

Speaking from experience, I got a basic grilled chicken salad from Burger King a long while back that was reasonable in Points, but the next day I had the same problem with swollen fingers & such.  I looked up the stats on that basic salad & it had like 1700 mg of sodium!  You're only supposed to have 2000 mg a day!  We haven't gone back since, not because of just the sodium, it's been an unspoken, unanimous decision.

I was down a whole whopping 0.2 lbs tonight at weigh-in!  I'm pretty sure it's because I have been slacking on drinking my water, so I'll be sure to remedy that this next week. I mean, why shouldn't I?  Look at what I found at Walgreen's...It tastes like a pina colada!
At the meeting tonight, we got in groups and had to figure out a 10 Point meal that included certain criteria listed in our weekly handouts. It was pretty fun. Lots of ideas.  We were challenged to plan all of our dinners out this week in at least a day in advance.  I usually do this anyway, before grocery shopping.

So let's check in, shall we?

1) plan meals weekly - check!  Randy is gone until Sunday doing radio stuff for a road rally up north, so I only have one picky-ass to feed.  Leftovers last night, Taco Bell tonight, she's going to a friend's tomorrow, so I'll just have to figure out Saturday.  I make more of an effort when Randy is here.

2) eat more / new veggies every week - check!  My new veggie dish was to saute up a mess of squash and mix it in with my leftover spaghetti.  It was really good!

I tried a new fruit, too.  A blood orange!  It was pretty tasty, once you get past how gross it looks. 

3) take better care of my skin - working on that. I don't appear to have any hangnails at the moment, but my cuticles need some work.

4) be a better blogger.  I'm going to be signing up for the Blogging A-Z Challenge again this April with all 3 blogs.  So I've made a spreadsheet with columns for each blog and am listing topic ideas to fit each of my themes.  I'm probably 2/3 of the way done with ideas. Sign up is next week!

5) work on getting my house de-cluttered.  Meh.  I'm averaging 4 days a week.

6) dust off my Walk At Home DVDs.- check!  I've done 3-3 mile walks and about 45 minutes of Wii Yoga.

7) cut back on unnecessary spending. - check!

8) MGC fence  - No Check!

9) rededicate myself to Weight Watchers. - check! I've been tracking so well that it's a real eye-opener.  I ran out of my weekly Points last week and started using my earned activity Points!  I've been guilty of never tracking over the weekend.  I did this week.  Hence all the walking sessions.  I noticed that if I get up on a Saturday and don't have any protein of some sort, I will eat like a freakin' pig all day.  It's like I can't get satisfied.  So I guess I can't just have a bowl of cereal in the morning any more, unless I go somewhere to keep my mind off the munchies.

10) figure out and use my Kindle Fire.  Using somewhat.  I'm actually reading one of the books I got from a little book store that closed.  I don't like going on Facebook on it, since if I click on a post and then go back to my feed, it'll take me back to the top, instead of where I was.

11) get my RACES certification.  I did find and open the book, enough to remind me how incredibly boring Government publications are!  But at least I know where the book is and that it's handy.


The big #13 - Cutting back on pop.  Check!  I've been having water at dinner more often.

 It's been crazy cold here lately, so stay warm, wherever you are!

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