Thursday, January 17, 2013

400th post!!!! 13 in 13 update

WOOHOOO!!  My 400th post!  My first post here on Blogger was 7/25/09.  I used to blog over at Yahoo 360, but they changed it and I apparently didn't like their changes and imported everything over. The first 2 years I blogged, I had 19 posts each year.  But they were posts of the novel variety - I mean super LONG posts!  I'm so glad that I learned that shorter / more often is better.  And pictures to break up the text! 

brief rant.  There was a dispatcher at my work for about 3 months.  Do you know I never saw this guy eat?  Never!  And another lady does not eat breakfast (she's a friend of mine & we chat every day) and she has a cup of yogurt for lunch.  And don't get me started on ~those~ people who forget to eat.  WTF, people!  How can you NOT eat?  I can't possibly imagine what I would have to be doing that would cause me to forget to feed my face. 

So let's update.  

To Achieve - Onederland
tonight's weigh in was wonderful!  -3.4 lbs!   I sure hope that means things are finally moving in the downward spiral!

1. plan meals weekly - check!  I guess when I plan the week, I need to keep an easy meal on Thursdays so Miss Angela can make / finish it for me.  Her ballet class is 5:30 - 6:30 and my WW meeting is 7 - 7:30.  So if we do it right, it should be ready when I get home.  I'm still not thrilled with the late meeting time, but it seems to be working.

Parmesan Chicken was quite amazing.  I thought I had the seasoning salt but really didn't, so I put the smallest sprinkle of some Smokehouse Maple seasoning I had on hand & it was really good.  Of course Miss Picky-Ass Angela ate hers with BBQ sauce, so it may have just been boiled.  Randy told her it reminded him of Vienna Sausages!  I was offended!  Viennies (they pronounce it vi-eeeeeeeeenies) are gross.  But I guess I shouldn't complain, since I liked it, and frankly, Viennies are something they both eat & enjoy.  So, WIN (I think)

2. eat more / new veggies every week (1 recipe from book per week) - check!  I steamed some Brussels Sprouts one day and finally tried Kale Chips.  Om nom nom nom nom.  Kale is awesome!

Oh, and I tried Blood Orange flavored Greek yogurt.  It reminds me of a very mild orange / grapefruit.  I wasn't sure what to expect, since I've never had a blood orange before.  Tasty.

3. take better care of my skin (lotion AM, wash face PM, lotion PM) - check!  I noticed while putting lotion on my elbows that I've got somewhat droopy upper arms - got to do something about that!

4. be a better blogger - check!  I posted on all 3 blogs, even if I just posted a pic on MGC.  Look at my awesome Detroit / Monster Jam pics here.

5. get my house de-cluttered (15 minutes per day) - meh.  4/7  not doing so well here & it shows.  But I'm keeping up with laundry (folding & putting away is what I hate the most) and dishes, so that's good.

6. dust off my WAH DVDs (2 or more x per week / other DVD or Wii) - check!    2 mile actual outside walk, I don't know how far walked around downtown Detroit, 3 mile walk DVD, & 2 Wii yoga nights.

7. cut back on unnecessary spending (see #5) - check!  I've only been grocery shopping.  I used a giftcard to order a workout DVD and one of those elastic waist trimmer belts.  Apparently they have those belts for the upper arms & thighs, so I ordered those, too. See #3.  I wanted to get one of the wide belts to help with my posture while at work and found these.  I tend to slouch unless I really concentrate on what I'm doing, but I think I need something to pull my arms back. Hmm.

8. MGC fence - nope.  The building where I work is behind an office supply warehouse, so I keep eyeballing the gigantic stack of pallets they have out back.  They have literally hundreds out there. I've gotten pallets from them before, so they're OK with me just taking them.  I need to borrow someone's truck.....

9. rededicate myself to WW (weekly meeting / track every day) - check!  Tonight was pretty entertaining. The topic was about taking control of your fridge, making it more WW plan friendly.  One page of the booklet showed inside of the  "bad" fridge & the next page showed inside the "good" fridge.  So we compared them and had a few laughs.

10. figure out & use Kindle Fire - check!  Well, the using part anyway.  I'm on book #4 already.  I am a voracious reader!  3 of those were done Sunday.

11. get RACES certification (30 min per week) - nope


13. wean myself off pop ( stop drinking one hour earlier every month) - working on it.

So that's what's going on so far.  Did you make New Year's Resolutions?  How are you doing on them?

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