Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yeah, I hate funerals.

Which is really funny, since I have an odd fascination with cemeteries! In fact, just last night over at Maple Grove Cemetery I posted about finding a pet cemetery & stopping to snap some pics. They're so peaceful & serene & the art / architecture are amazing.

Anyway, this post is brought about by a close friend of ours whose mom was in a car accident last weekend.  Since she was alone and the only one involved, no one really knows what happened, other than a tree got in her way.  Her services were Friday.

I have to confess - I am a sympathy crier.  And anytime I experience strong emotions - I choke up.  I've never admitted that out loud before!  If I see someone else crying, I hear the National Anthem or Taps, watching the races in the movie Secretariat - doesn't matter.  I am just a nut.

So yeah, Friday was a treat. I didn't know Ted's mom personally, but the service was very nice. And of course, they played Alan Jackson's Sissy's Song, Amazing Grace and Steve Wariner's Holes in the Floor of Heaven so loud that you couldn't possibly let your mind wander.  Then seeing the family greet guests {choke}, having to go by to pay last respects to both her & family {tears}, at the chapel in the cemetery, touching the casket on the way out {choke}.  Anyway.  Whew. 

I felt bad that I basically ate & ran after the luncheon.  But Ted & his wife were OK with it.  I explained that I had to get Ted's favorite brat (that's what he calls Angel) from school so she could get her hair done for the Freshman Farewell.  The best way I can describe this is like a prom for junior high, except in the afternoon  (5:30 - 8:30 pm).  The kids were all dressed up & they had dinner & dancing at this banquet hall that the school rented.

 All dressed up!

Angel & her friend Taylor.

She said it was a lot of fun & they showed the video at the yearbook class made & put to music.  I can't wait to see her copy of it!

Other than that, we are getting ready to go over to the studio owner's house for her 2nd annual competition team party.  I see she was smart this year & planned it early.  Last year it was right after the recital, so I'm sure her pool was filled with hairspray & glitter. 

Oh yeah - Angel made the JV dance team at school again.  She was happy to have even made the team, but I don't know why there was even a thought that she wouldn't!   So now she has to figure out how she's going to make the summer practices, since I already have to change my work schedule around to get her to summer school - which my boss is not too pleased with.  I don't know why they choose to have them in the morning anyway.  I can't possibly be the only parent who works & vast majority of these kids are too young to drive!

So anyway, I need to finish up the brownies for the pool party, so here are some parting pics....

 Goofing around in the Salvation Army in some men's size 66 jeans.

 Jack relaxing on the patio.

 The neighbors down the block moved out suddenly & 
these finally made it out to the road for trash pick up.  

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