Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Sunday!

First of all - I have a/c in my car again!  Randy is totally my hero!

I did much better than I expected this weekend. Friday night was date night.  Randy & I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise.  The mini sliders for an appetizer weren't the best choice, but he had them ordered before I knew it. And the "Electric Lizard" tasted entirely too good to be healthy.  Coconut rum & melon liqueur.  But then I ordered grilled tilapia & shrimp with steamed broccoli & it was gooooooood! 

Then we stopped in Garden Ridge to browse.  It's a home furnishing warehouse-type place.  Randy had never been there.  They had 1/2 an aisle of H'ween stuff and 3 huge racks of fall flowers out already.  And since they never have real sales except for after-holidays, I went ahead & bought a 5' skeleton since they had a good selection to choose from. I love driving around with that buckled into the back seat of my car - LMAO!!  Oh yeah - then we stopped for ice cream.  The place was out of chocolate ~gasp~ so we both got small vanilla cones dipped in nuts.

Saturday, Randy left fairly early.  I took a 2.3 mile bike ride, came home and grabbed the dog and went for a 1.3 mile walk with him.  I could really feel THAT in my knees later!  Then I stopped for breakfast at Tim Horton's (and I tracked those 18 points from my large iced coffee / BELT / Boston Cream Donut!!) on the way to Home Dept and various other places to get supplies for a couple H'ween projects.  When I finally got home, I finished one project (putting casters on my life-sized coffin - I'm sure the neighbor's visitors loved seeing me pull THAT out of the shed!) and started on making PVC frames to reinforce the 2 cheap plastic skeletons I got for last year.

I didn't get to eat my big ol' salad that I had planned.  I got a text from Randy asking me to bring a whole list of stuff out to him at the Weather Service office so I planned my trip there to coincide with the nightly launch of the weather balloon.  It is always fun to watch & it went straight up, so there was NO wind whatsoever!

Getting there for the evening launch, also meant I was invited to stay of dinner, such as it was.  I took 2 loaves of low-fat banana bread out to the dedicated contesters who were staying there all night, and they had steak.  And the can of Pringles Randy had requested.  Wooo.  Yeah, I'll pass on that dinner, although I did have a chunk of that steak & it was realllly goood!

I was sore from the bike ride / dog walk, but I did get some more exercise on the way home.  I passed a really neat cemetery (I know, I know.) so I stopped.  And since it was close to 8:30 when I got there, I was afraid I'd get locked in, so I moved fast!  The place was huge & the stones amazing

Today I was in no hurry to get out of bed. A purring cat somehow increases the pull of gravity around him.  And Chester was up against my side.  The only plans I had were to drop in at a family reunion for the side of the family I haven't seen in forever.  I made sure I ate before I went and intentionally didn't take a dish to pass, so I wouldn't feel pressured to eat.  You know, picnic food.  But that was an epic fail.  My cousin Todd insisted I have a sausage & some pasta salad.  Luckily right then, I got a text from Angel saying she was back from Cedar Point, so I just ate a little bit to make Todd happy then left to get her.  I enjoyed seeing a big bunch of cousins and being amazed at how big kids were getting and wondering who all the littler kids belong to.  I really enjoyed seeing my Aunt Linda. She was so surprised to see me! I don't think I'd ever really sat and talked with her. I am so glad I went.

Dinner tonight sucked, Randy occasionally has the urge to get chicken from North Shack.  I somehow don't think it is as bad as KFC since they use pressure steamers to cook the chicken and potatoes.  But it's not healthy / boring grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast.  But it was tasty and we haven't gone there in a long time.

So anyway.  I haven't planned out this week yet.  It's supposed to be fairly decent the beginning part of this week before getting warmer again.  I'm sure I will get some walks and rides in.

Have a great week!

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