Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Summer!

Well, I actually stayed at my WW meeting tonight.  Since dance season is over for a while, I have time to attend without rushing off to play taxi.

Tonight's topic was about eating foods you love (cough cough, Tim Horton's Boston Cream Donut, cough cough) in moderation and how do you control yourself / substitute for something healthier.  First of all - there is NO substitute for the crack-like deliciousness also known as The Boston Cream Donut.  The smooth, dark chocolate glaze, the airy donut itself, the creamy, not-too-sweet custard filling - Ahhhh!

Anyway - so moderation would have to be used in this case.  Especially with the 8 P+ they cost me.  Unfortunately, there are 2 franchises entirely too convenient to my life.  One is about 1/2 mile from work and the other may be on the other side of the park from us (as in not extremely convenient to my house) but it is a block away from the high school the girl will be attending in the fall.  And with her being on the JV dance team again - I will have to pick her up from both practices & games, taking me entirely too close to the Danger Zone.

So willpower.  yeah.

I was up 1.6 lbs at WI tonight.  I had no idea if I would be up or down.  Seeing as how the A/C crapped out in my car 3 days ago and it's been 95+ degrees ever since - I thought I would have sweat some poundage off.  Especially today when it was raining and I had to keep my windows up.  I felt like I was in a mobile sauna!  But alas - no.

So anyway.  I will be alone most of this weekend.  Hubby is leaving Saturday morning to do the ARRL Field Day (an annual radio thing) and the girl is going to Cedar Point with a friend.  I already have the fixings for a huge salad for dinner Saturday night and a big bowl of fresh fruit, too.  I am determined not to binge like I find myself doing when no one is around.  I have some projects I want to work on this weekend that should both keep me busy and outside.  And I figured out how to raise the handlebars on my bike so it'll be more comfortable to ride for distances.  So I plan on having a good recap on Monday.

Can you imagine being able to do something like this?  And she claims that this isn't even a "good" tilt jump!

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