Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A lesson in awkwardness....

I guess awkwardness is better than drama.

To make a very long story short - my ex (aka the Donor) showed up unexpectedly for Angel's dance recital on Friday.  Surprise!  I had mentioned the recital to him while texting during one of her last comps.  It was streaming live on a website & I'd sent him the link so he could watch.  Damn, I'm too nice.

Yes, I have talked to him more in the past year or so than I have the entire time since our divorce 12 years ago.  But we haven't seen him at all since then.  Angel has only talked to him a few times, since she doesn't know what to say to him.  

So...luckily everyone was very civil.  I let Randy know right away that he was here.  Mom is the only one who had actually met him - and that is when Angel was born.  I even invited him to go eat afterward with us.  I mean, it's not like we could ditch him!   Laurie was supposed to take her home for the weekend after the recital, but we had to change that some.  I thought it would be nice for Angel to actually visit with John, since he had driven from Pennsylvania to see her.  I ended up spending more time with him than Angel did.   

So that was a rather stressful couple days.  I'm sure he couldn't have been really comfortable, either. But I'm sure he'll be back to visit this summer, since he only lives like 5 hours away.  He said next time he'd let us know first, so she doesn't have other stuff going on.  Good idea! 

So I only got a couple decent pics during dress rehearsal.  I should have figured out the settings on my camera before going.  And I should have grabbed batteries out of the box at home instead of whatever was lying on my desk.  I went thru 3 sets of batteries since they were all dead or dying!

The top hat for ballet was complained about,
but this wasn't????

small group comp jazz


this is the only time they wore the tophats anyway!

small group comp tap

She got a trophy for being at the studio for 5 years and a LOT of flowers!

It was such a crazy weekend, with spending half the day Saturday with the ex, then taking Angel to Laurie's (about 45 minutes each way) and then totally forgetting that I'd ordered cookies for Father's Day that needed to be picked up (thankfully they are in a strip mall with neighbors open later who held them for me!).  We went out to dinner alone Saturday night, then I took Randy to breakfast Sunday morning for Father's Day and then went out farther than Laurie's house to the fairgrounds to watch niece Lisa in a horse show.  Whew! I was glad the weekend was over!
Randy finally got his cookies!

Kisses was glad Captain was back from the horseshow.

Kisses running around in the rain.


So this week should be somewhat calmer.  Somewhat.  I made her find her own way (as in text another girl on the team & ask for a ride) to and from dance team practice tomorrow & Thursday - since it was someone's brilliant freakin' idea to hold practices in the morning. I've really been stressing about this, since I can't be leaving work all the time to shuttle her around.   Toss in dental cleaning appointments for both of us (that I had to change because 6 months ago I didn't know she'd have {expletive} morning dance team practices!) and it makes insanity.

Next week she starts summer school - goody. At least my boss knows about that already.

It's been crazy with the number of baby birds that are falling out of the nests this year!  We have barn swallows in the dock at work and I went in last Monday to see at least 7 or 8 babies sitting helpless on the floor - that fell easily 20 feet from the rafters where the nests are.  And another 5 or 6 dead ones. I'd never seen them fall before!  This little guy was sitting between my car and the back step of our house.  He was looking at Angel talking to him.  He didn't make it thru the night, I was sad since he's so stinkin' cute!

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