Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late weigh in post

Happy Sunday!

It's been such a crazy week !  The girl danced at her last basketball game of the season, she's started to bring home costumes from the studio (2 so far!)  I had to miss my meeting Thursday because of school conferences. Saturday was a fancy end-of the year banquet for the dance team, but we had to leave early because we had tickets to see the Monster trucks at Ford Field.  Today I got sheets changed & bathrooms scrubbed down, tops to bottom.  I also found 2 big albums of window clings that I started collecting when Angel was a baby, so I went thru those & got rid of a lot, so there's only one book now.  I feel it was a fairly productive day!

I went to weigh in Saturday, since Randy got stuck at work on a support call Thursday & couldn't go to conferences.  I hate going to conferences.  I can't think of anything I hate worse.  Angel is such a social butterfly that her school work suffers.  If she could force herself to ignore her friends for a while (and the teachers make her pay attention), she could easily be an A/B student in all her classes.  But she doesn't and it shows.  I won't go onto the whole spiel that 4 out of 5 teachers told me (good kid, happy, smiley, but doesn't do her work / turn it in - and I didn't make it to the 6th teacher) but I sat down at the geometry teachers table & I swear this woman went into raptures about what a good, hard-working student she is and her work is excellent.  She told me that she didn't even think she could recognize Angel's voice since she very seldom hears it.   I just sat there & blinked at her.  I even had to make sure we were talking about the same kid!  So what I figured out is that none of her friends are in that class.  Even the principal stopped us (she went with me) and asked how many teachers told me about her talking.  I told him I thought she needed a wall to put around her, so she could only see the teacher and he said he was thinking of something like a cone for a dog to direct her attention forward.  That's really sad (but funny, now that I'm not mad anymore)

So anyway.......I just stopped in st WW to weigh in Saturday & I'm so glad I don't regularly go to this meeting!  It's the last meeting of the week, and from what one of the other ladies in line said, people gave up chocolate for Lent, so they want to see if they're losing weight...I couldn't believe how many people were in there!  But I was down .4 lbs, and this was after skipping last week, too!

I took my measurements tonight.  There wasn't much difference since last time, since it's only been a month.  I noticed when I got dressed up for the banquet Saturday night that my cami (to smooth out lumps & bulges) wasn't as tight as usual.  I was fairly comfortable wearing it!  So that's a good sign!  Woohoo!

The Utica JV Dance team

Have a great week!

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