Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Spring!

I know spring actually started last week (and we're having a freeze warning tonight, got to love Michigan!) but the sun is shining and last week I didn't have THESE....

 Cherry blossoms!

 Even the lilacs are thinking about blooming!

Uber-happy Jack rolling in the sun with his ball nearby.

So I really felt bad that we missed going to Angel's grandma's funeral Saturday.  We sent a really nice plant to the funeral home.  I prefer plants over flowers because they last much longer.  I hope the family enjoys them. 

On the plus side - the girls did really well at the competition!  For the line routines, which is all 4 levels of dancers, petites up thru seniors - they got 4th place in jazz line, 3rd place in tap line & 2nd place in hip-hop line!

 5th place 
Teen Small Group Tap
"Boom Boom Bang"

 7th place
Teen Small Group Jazz
"All Dressed up in Love"
...and they thought they sucked at this dance. 
Guess the judges thought different!

Dancers Only

Um, ow!
She'd asked me to do this, but the choreographer decided I was too gentle.

So it was a good weekend.  The bulk of the routines were yesterday & we had to be at the Macomb Center with her in full costume, hair & makeup at 0700.  I'd made her go to be at like 8:30 on Saturday night so she could be up at 5:30 with hopefully no sassy drama from her.  She was surprisingly cheerful & didn't mouth off to me at all!  I was shocked!!  Then we were sitting at the light at the closest intersection to the venue when suddenly Angel exclaimed "I forgot my shoes!!"   Well, the guardian dance fairy was watching over us, because we got home & back in the same time it had been taking us to go one way!  OK, 60+ mph and all green lights helped, too. 

The next comp will be at the same place, which means probably some of the same studios we competed against this time.  Some of them came with easily 100+ kids and were in it seemed like 20 routines.  We had 25 girls and most were in only 5 routines.   Just by sheer numbers, the other studios got more awards.  Oh well.  They held their own & I know I'm not the only parent who is proud of all of them! It was cool that the comp company streamed the comp live on their website, so Randy could stay home, but still see her dance.  So I got random texts throughout the day about what was happening.  And I could text him when I saw our girls in the wings so he could watch. 

I was looking forward to one more day off before going back to work, but that didn't happen.  I got a call around 9:45 to come get Angel from school, she wasn't feeling well.  I found out from FaceBook that at least 4 other girls that I know of stayed home today, too!  Wonder what was up with that?  She's been quiet most of the day, but now she's up roaming around, looking for food. Guess she's OK!

Til later - enjoy the sun!

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