Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was catching up on GoogleReader last night & was giggling about my stats when Randy asked me what my latest post was on.  Uhhh - it's kind of been a while, for this particular blog anyway!  I don't even know if he reads this, but if he does - Hi, Sweetie!

I am loving this Spring-y weather!  66 & Sunny yesterday!  I was playing hooky from work & had the windows open in the house & linens hanging out on the clothesline.  The tulips / daffodils / hyacinths are all poking up thru the mulch & the crocuses are starting to bloom in the yard.  Springtime is my favorite time of the year! 
Look at all the green in the flowerbed!

The hooky day wasn't by choice.  Tuesday night I took Angel to dance, then took the dog for a walk around Holland Ponds.  On the way home, my car decided to die.  In traffic.  On a hill.  Once traffic cleared, I had to coast backward onto the shoulder & called Randy to be my savior.  He looked around & suspected it was the alternator - so he got my battery charged up enough for me to get home.  And I barely made it.  It died again at the end of the driveway. We had it towed to our usual guy & he got it all fixed fairly quickly.

 Jack the Tired Beagle

The dog & I waited for him to get there, even tho I was easily within walking distance of home.  I didn't really want to leave my car there alone.  So I called my brother who lives up north.  I don't call him as much as I should.  But we'd gotten some nasty storms Monday night & a tornado had gone right over his house & touched down only a couple miles away!  Scary!  He said he was out on the porch (of course - where else would you be in a severe storm??) and he could hear the wind coming.  Then he could hear the hail coming.  He got 1/2 inch hail piled up like snowdrifts all over the place, but no damage other than some tree branches down.  Whew!  That would gave been scary but neat, too!  I probably would have been out on the porch, too.  I think I'd rather SEE for myself if a funnel cloud is coming at me, then take cover - rather than hide & wait & wonder.

Last Sunday (another wonderful sunny & warm day) we went & found a total of 12 geocaches.  It was quite the adventure.  Note to self - do NOT ever follow the girl when she has the GPS.  She thinks because the arrow is pointing *that* way, you have to go exactly *that* way.  Even tho the destination is 1/4 mile away.  Randy took a leisurely walk across the crest of a hill, down a road, across a sunlit meadow, down a riverside path & BOOM.  Found the the cache.  I stayed with SuperDork and we found the Michigan version of the LeBrea Tar Pits.  Ankle deep mud, picker bushes, vines, downed trees, branches - the works.  "But the arrow says to go this way!!!"  **expletives**   But we survived the day with only minor injuries and overall had a good time.  It was a great way to spend a few hours outside together.  And no teenager drama, either!

OMG, my cousin had posted a link on Facebook that I still don't even know why, but I am hooked - at least for the spring.   WebCams that are streaming live in stables where if you're lucky, you can see a foal or a kid or a lamb being born.  It's like a soap opera!  I already have my favorite ones that I watch the most.  One "miniature horse" aka pony - just had a little one last night.  It is adorable!  It's so cute watching them figure out how to work those long legs & learn how those ears or tail work.  Another had her colt over the weekend, but he was 10 days early & was a bit weak.  But each day I can see he's getting stronger and more active.  What ever shall I do when foaling season is over????    LOL!

Woohoo! St. Patrick's Day on Saturday!  Any big plans?

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