Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Monday!

Actually, I'm pretty happy its over. One of the girls who is sort of in my department at work took Friday & today off for her daughter's baby shower and I've had to cover for her.  Which means I didn't get much of my own work done!

Anyhoooooo.  Last Thursday was the debacle also known as conferences.  And worse yet - Randy got a support call at work and was stuck there, so I had to go!  And to add to the torture, Angel went with me!  I got to see 5 of her 6 teachers - the science teacher apparently is one who will talk as long as you have something to ask - no matter that 7 other parents are waiting patiently.  4 of those 5 teachers basically told me the same thing I've been hearing forever...she's such a great kid, friendly, happy, blah blah blah, but her effort regarding schoolwork sucks and she can't control her social butterfly-ism.  Even the principal knows how she is!  We passed him in the gym & he asked something about her talking so much.  I suggested that we put sound-proof walls around her so she can only see the teacher & he said he was thinking of something along the lines of a cone so she can only see forward - LOL!  I saved the geometry teacher for last.  I sat down & told her who I was & this woman literally went into raptures about what an outstanding, hardworking student she is, with a B+ average.  I just blinked at her.  Then I made sure we were talking about the same kid.  She told me that she didn't think she'd even recognize Angel's voice since she never talks in class!  ~GASP~  Come to find out, she has no buddies in that class. 

Saturday was the Dance Team banquet.  And it was also the night we had tickets to see the Monster trucks!  So we went to the banquet for about an hour & a half, then had to leave.  I'm sad even if Angel isn't about leaving, since she missed out on a lot of photo ops.  So on FaceBook there are all these photos without her.  We ate, then there were a couple awards and the girls all introduced each other & they played a video of most of the performances (a bunch courtesy of me!).  We missed dessert & all the Varsity stuff, but that's OK.

Utica JV Dance Team 
(with Angel)

Traffic was horrible around Ford Field.  I can't believe it was all due to the dog show that was also going on downtown, so it must have been mostly monster truck peoples.   Randy ended up letting us out to go in, and he drove around for another hour or so before he happened to find a decent parking spot.  And wouldn't you know that I left my camera in the car when we jumped out??  We never saw him again until halfway thru the freestyle.  But I did get some pics. 
 I made sure to get one of us, since last year I didn't!


Hot Wheels

 Metal Mulisha




 Maximum Destruction

 Gravedigger - the Legend
(body style from the 80s)

30th Anniversary Gravedigger

It was a fun night.  We already have tickets for January 2013 and we're going to make sure we leave really early, since I hate missing the introductions & they always make an awesome big deal with the National Anthem.  

So anyway, that's all that's going on around here!  Make sure you go sign up for the A to Z Challenge!

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