Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I got a call from the ex this morning. 

First of all - I get along better with him now that I'm not married to him and I've always liked his mom.  I've always sent her cards & pictures of Angel at Christmas & her birthday and was friends with her on facebook long before I was with him.

Anyhoooo - I figured something was wrong when he called at 8am on a weekday.  I'd stepped away from my desk for a minute & missed his call, so I called right back.  Sure enough - his mom had passed away.  She'd had  (I believe) gastric by-pass surgery back in September & had to have 2 more surgeries after that to fix issues.  I thought that was odd anyway, since she wasn't a big woman to even need gastric by-pass.  So maybe he had his info wrong - idk.  And she hadn't been on FB in a long time, someone else had been going on, posting updates about her.  And just maybe 2 days ago, John's sister posted a pic of her, still in the hospital but all the comments were about how well she looked.  Honestly - I thought she looked horrible, but I don't know how she looked before!

So.  I guess the family wants Angel to be at the funeral.  Darla had been living in Nebraska, so there will be a service there and then she's being transported back to Podunk Pig Snout, Texas for another service & her burial.  However......there is a small problem - also known as competition this weekend! 

John's supposed to call as soon as arrangements are made.  I told him that we might not make the Nebraska service, but it should work out that we can make the Texas one.  I will NOT pull her out of competition with only one practice left!  That's totally leaving the entire team in a lurch!

He also made a point of reminding me that his mom is leaving some of her porcelain dolls to Angel.  I remember those dolls.  I had nightmares after walking into the room where she stored them.  There seemed to be hundreds of them!  All staring with those creepy eyes!  {{shudder}}

There's no way I am tossing Angel on a plane and sending her off to a bunch of strangers, so I guess I'm stuck going with her.  This is where the "awkwardness" comes in.  It's been almost exactly 12 years (to the day) since I filed for divorce and we haven't seen him personally since then. 

Next week is going to be a treat!  I'm one of those people who can tear up just by seeing someone else cry!

Edit - I got the info on arrangements - they're taking her directly to Texas, and the service is on Saturday.  In the middle of comp.  So I guess we will just send a large (borderline obnoxious) flower arrangement. 

Oh - and he says he's going to "hand deliver" the creepy ass dolls.  Does he realize that we live over an hour away from both major airports around here?  Apparently not!

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