Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Weigh-in Wednesday (and stuff) 7/10

Holy crap, it's the second half of the year!  That whole saying about the days being long and the months or whatever being short - is so true!  

So, what's up ma peeps?   Did you have a good 4th (or Canada Day)?  Wednesday night, Randy & I went to my sisters to fix her satellite dish and hang out for a while.  Thursday we went to Mom's and watched Clawson's parade - they actually have a fairly big parade for such a small town.  Then we had lunch and came back home.  We both had to work on Friday, while Angel went up north to my other sister's place on the lake for the weekend. 

Saturday I got up and finally finished putting the landscape bricks around the base of our second big maple tree out front.  I did the first tree for Angel's grad party in 2015, and it was just time to make them match.  I'm letting the dirt settle for a few days, then I'll put in some red mulch & it will look so nice!
Sunday, I went to the sister's and we met some friends and went horseback riding.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day to be out on the trails. 
Last Monday was mine & the Spouse's 13 anniversary!  We both took the day off work and just did a whole lotta nothing.  We went & had breakfast, then had his & hers pedicures!  We started that on our 10th anniversary when I jokingly suggested he go with me... and he thought for a minute, then said OK!  And we've had them done together ever year since.  He likes them because it makes him feel like he has new feet. 
After our pedis, we stopped in At Home and checked out the Halloween stuff.   We stopped in all 3 local Salvation Army stores.  Had lunch.  Went home & napped.  Went & had dinner.  
Sounds like a pretty lame day, but we enjoyed ourselves muchly.  

Alrighty.  This is actually supposed to be an off week for Weigh-in Wednesday, but I went to a different 'studio' on Tuesday for last week's meeting and wasn't home until late-ish Wednesday.  So here we are! 
btw - I was up 3.3 lbs last week.  It was ugly.   But 1.6 lbs came off this week, so that's a good thing.  I was expecting the opposite, since I've eaten like a piggy with week (cough, cough Culver's) - but OMG, look at this sandwich I had at the little bistro place we went to for our anniversary!
It had the burger patty, bbq beef brisket, bourbon carmelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pickle chunks & supposedly bbq sauce, but they must have skimped on that.  Plus a side of sweet potato fries.  Randy had turkey & muenster on a pretzel roll. 

I think because I did a lot of yard work out in the heat, I sweated off a lot of the crap I was eating.  Those damn bricks?  I had to make 22 trips from behind the house to the front yard, since they were too heavy to carry more than one at a time.  Then backfilling the ring around the tree with 4- 40lbs bags of topsoil.   Mowing the lawn = a 2 1/2 hour chore.  And I'm sure I wasn't drinking enough water so I'm catching up on that.

Saturday I'm probably going kayaking for my niece for her birthday.  That's actually a really good arm workout!  I've only gone once before, so this will be fun again.

I'm hoping I'll be able to sit down this weekend for a few and do some menu planning - which I absolutely hate doing.  And I need to get busy cleaning this disaster area of a house (that counts as activity, right???!) since we're having a gender reveal brunch on August 3 for Miss Angela's little burrito baby - she's 16 weeks tomorrow!! 

It's going to start getting busy with all of my SAR team events & training.  We're going to be patrolling the Eastern Michigan State Fair parking lot again.  We're supposed to be in a parade next month - I sense disaster.  And "safety days" whatever that is - which I strongly suspect will mean giving pony rides again.  I can't - I'm deceased.  Then I don't even want to think about September. 
Training Every . Single . Weekend.   


Anyhoo.  It's time to turn in - so I'll leave you with this lovely sunset from the other night. 

Wow.  Did I ramble or what???


  1. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a fun together day!

    Janet’s Smiles

  2. Happy Anniversary. That's awesome your husband gets pedicures with you. They are so nice, aren't they? That's great you lost some weight this past week. I really need to get back into eating better.


  3. Sounds like a great anniversary day! I love spending days like that with my husband - and they don't happen often enough.


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