Saturday, June 29, 2019

Memories & Exciting News

Yay!  We had our first fire of the season last night!  
We've had this fire pit for years & have only used it maybe 5 times.  
S'mores were made & enjoyed. 
I don't know why this made me happy to see this morning, tho.  
It's been a while so I'm linking up with the lovely ladies Lindsay, Beth & Charlotte at the Peaceful Posse. There's too much crap & negativity in the world, so these are all positive / happy / grateful posts in this linkup. 
Mine's pretty short today, but with no lack of happiness, tho!

First of all....  I'M GONNA BE A GRANDMA!   
Miss Angela told me back in May that she's taken a test and it came back positive.  
I went with her to the doctor to get checked out & they confirmed it and gave her the #s to the ob in the medical group they belong to.  

She had her first appointment with the midwife on June 12.  I like that they start out talking to a midwife.  Once she hits 5 months, she can opt to be seen by a doctor, but Louanne said she doesn't see 40 patients a day and can spend as much time as needed with us and down the road, can even deliver the baby.  Which will happen at the local hospital, so if there are any complications, a doctor is nearby.   Louanne was awesome and Angel is plenty happy to stay with her. 

So at this appointment, since Angel's cycle has always been irregular, they were guessing that she was probably 7-8 weeks along.  They went ahead and scheduled an ultrasound to find out more. 
On June 12, she was 11 weeks and 6 days along!
Her due date is December 26 - a Christmas baby!
As of last Thursdays - 14 weeks.
It's her little burrito bump! 

Sadly, tho.  Her & baby daddy don't always get along and they fight a LOT.  He was with us at her first appointment and seemed happy and his face lit up when he saw the image on the ultrasound screen.  But I don't know if his dad knows yet, and Angel said his mom didn't seem to care.  Since this is supposed to be a positive post, I'll keep my opinions about her to myself. 

But that's OK - she's got my entire LARGE family who are all excited and has her back.   She doesn't need them.   My mom is tickled that she's going to get great-grandbabies # 4 & 5 in December, since my niece is also due with her third munchkin then. 

Randy was so cute when she told him.  She was nervous since she didn't know how he was going to take it.  So on Father's Day she gave him a t-shirt she had made that said "Promoted to Grandpa 2020" (made before she learned her due date - LOL!) and put a copy of the ultrasound picture on top of it.  When he opened the box, we could see him staring like he couldn't figure out what he was looking at and when it finally dawned on him, he teared up and asked "Really?"


So now for the memories part.

One year ago today, we were in Orlando at Angel's last dance competition with her second home, Dancers Only Studio. 

And they won National Champions with their hiphop line called Girl Power!

Today, one of the choreographers from the studio posted this video she'd made.   
Lots of memories!

And an ever farther back memory - this is their hiphop line from 2016.
We took this one to Nationals in Charleston SC.  
They made it to the showdown as a judge's choice. 

Happy rest of the Weekend!


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