Friday, July 26, 2019

What up, Weekend? 7/26/19

Woohoo!  It's the weekend!
I am linking up with the lovely ladies Lindsay, Beth & Charlotte at the Peaceful Posse. There's too much crap & negativity in the world, so these are all positive / happy / grateful posts in this linkup.

So there was a change of theme with the gender reveal party - I was going with "Twinkle Little Star, how we wonder what you are", etc. because that was one of the few songs I knew to sing to Angel when she was a baby.  It was cute, but I wasn't too into it.  

Then I found this....
   FUNNY!   She loved the idea, so I ran with it.  
A taco pinata!  
HOW PERFECT?!?!?!?!?  
I'll fill it with candy and appropriately colored confetti.

Since her party is at noon, we'll have taco salad & donuts & fruit / veggie trays & cupcakes also with appropriately colored filling. 

I've had one minor glitch so far.   I made the mistake of trying to save a few $ and ordering cute baby themed pink & blue M&Ms from Oriental Trading Co.
 I'm pretty sure someone sat on the bag in a warm room for a few hours.  

 Needless to say - I got a refund and I ordered them from the actual M&MS website.  Which arrived today in a heavy box, filled with thick insulating foam and 2 gel ice packs. 

So other than cleaning my darn house and grocery shopping - I think we're ready!
I'm getting pretty excited.  She had a monthly checkup today and sent me the video of the heartbeat on the Doppler.  The midwife commented that it's got a girls' heartbeat (faster than 140 bpm) but then hurried and said we'd find out for sure next Friday at the ultrasound.   

We (me, Randy, Angel, both sisters, niece & brother in law) took Mom out to dinner for her birthday Monday - and we all sat in the restaurant for a good 2 hours & just chatted.    My sister offered some hand-me-downs like a bouncy chair, etc that her grandson has outgrown.  Angel was like "I'll be happy to take anything you want to pass on!"  Smart cookie. 
 This is apparently THE big thing in Halloween decorations this year.  And yes - I got one!  So far, it's the only thing I've seen that I really wanted.  Took advantage of a 50% coupon and while they had just started stocking the shelves at Michael's - they did have these out!

OMG - I saw the most disgusting thing!  I finally got around to putting the mulch around the tree out front.  I had bought 3 bags of mulch 2 weeks or so ago and they were stacked neatly on one of the benches in the backyard.  The first bag went in without a hitch, but when I grabbed the second bag, I discovered an earwig nest!  I have not researched these nasty things, but I get the impression they're a little bit like bees in where they have a queen?  I don't know / wanna know.  So besides 1000 or so critters, there was a huge (imagine a chapstick tube!) slug-type creature and 2 smaller ones that were attached to the mulch bag.   I grabbed my garden bug spray & went to town.  
Then I moved the last bag and there was yet another big slug thing and 2 smaller ones between the slats in the seat of the bench!  By then Angel had come out to see (she thought I was exaggerating!) and she helped me get out the fire pit and burn those nasty things. 
EW ew EW ew EW ew EW.
friend omg GIF by Molang
So a quick (non-positive / grateful) update from last weekend.  That search we were called out onto, then quickly told to stand down?
Yeah....glad I didn't go!  
I feel so bad for the family, the 6 year old who saw it happen and for the trooper who found him. 
Just awful. 

Speaking of the SAR team.  I'll be out patrolling the Eastern Michigan State Fair parking lot again tomorrow night.  Hopefully this year will be less eventful (from me!)  Last year, Kisses spooked as I was mounting and took off with me hanging upside down by my left arm.  In front of Lt and 3 deputies. At our first event with the horses. I had a lump & a crazy colorful bruise for a long time. And then later used the bumper of a truck as a mounting block and rolled my ankle and almost fell off the truck - with Lt right there keeping Kisses close to the truck (who didn't like the sound of the cars in the grandstand and was dancing around)  I made one hell of a first impression with a horse!  I'm feeling this year will be better, since I've been spending a lot more time with her and I'm more confident (I've always been around horses, but when you go a long time without riding and suddenly throw yourself into an unfamiliar situation?  Yeah.  Recipe for disaster.) so we should be good. 

Sunday, my niece & her fiance are having a BBQ so we'll be doing that.  It should be nice.  It's at a lake so we'll go swimming and who know what other shenanigans will happen. 

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Taco bout a baby is very cute. Have fun! Gross on the bugs. I stay away from gardening for that reason!

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. She calls it her burrito bump, so a taco theme is pretty close to perfect - LOL!
      There aren't a lot of things that gross me out, but earwigs are #1 on that list. Blargh.

  2. Love the theme for the reveal party! I'd love to see pictures of the final day. Good luck!

  3. What a fun party theme! I love it. That Halloween tree is so cute. I love the Christmas versions, so that's awesome they do Halloween ones now.


    1. I just got my first Christmas tree like that a couple years ago and I was all over the Halloween one when it came out!

  4. OMG I love the baby gender reveal theme! But really I love tacos (I just had taco night here yesterday; we take it pretty seriously!). And also I have never heard of a Halloween tree, but that just means I've been living under my rock for too long, ha! Also glad you were able to get a refund from Oriental Trading Company and that you had M&Ms in time for the party :) Hope you had a great weekend, and that your new week is off to a great start.

    PS: I will not google whatever the hell weird slug thing you just discovered as we have mulch bags sitting in the backyard and we just discovered we have some kind of weird poisonous spiders back there and our neighborhood was just on the news b/c of a bear cub fight and WHY DO I LIVE IN THE WOODS?!

    1. We have regular taco nights, too. And I make a mean enchilada.

      Yeah - I wouldn't google that slug, either. I just emptied the fire put last night and the darn thing DID NOT BURN! (blargh) but I'm pretty certain it was dead, so into the yard waste container it went to get carted off elsewhere.

      At least we don't have bears (this far south) in Michigan!

  5. Oh, my, you are a brave one. The SAR folks here have "Bomb proof" horses, which I gather, is made by having them ride in an area where things flap, there are firecrackers, people yell, etc. I don't know who would be worse off, the horse, or me! I think that Halloween tree is actually rather cute! Good luck with the taco reveal!!

    1. We're working on getting the horses bomb proof-ish. We have a class / testing at the end of September to get them certified. I've seen the requirements and there are only a few things listed that I feel we have to work on. Since our SAR team is affiliated with the mounted division of the sheriff's department, we have access to the course they use for their horses.


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