Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Weigh-in Wednesday 6/19

Happy Hump Day, Ya'll!

I totally skipped the scale this week so my official weigh-in for the week is +/-0.  

The topic at the meeting  was basically about attitude and staying positive / glass half full.  Which I needed to hear, since I have been feeling so down about staying the same weight for so long and knowing what I need to do to make the program work, yet not doing what I need to do!  

On the plus side - check this out!
 I was over my 7000 daily step goal every day last week, except Sunday! 
I chose 7000 as my goal since I have an desk job which means I sit on my ass a lot of the day, so I have to work to make it to 7000.  

My best day was also the last dance class I had before recital - so between a nice hiphop combination and going over the tap dance multiple times.....

Sunday I barely cleared 3000 steps and actually - that impressed me.  My knee hurt so bad from when I popped it during the recital that I really am surprised I got so many.

Funny thing is...I was at work Monday and was standing in a coworker's office chatting and shifted just right and popped it again - loudly!  But it felt SO much better!  Since then, it's just been sore. And I can pinpoint where the pain is coming from.  

It still reminds me that it's not anywhere near 100%, tho.  I have to fully turn and place both feet on the ground before standing when I get out of the car (it's my left knee, of course) because if I don't, sharp shooting pain happens.  Things like that.  It's killing me to sit at the desk and not have my foot pulled up under my other leg, since it won't let me bend it that far.  I was happy to get out there & mow the lawn yesterday with minimal trouble, tho.  I made sure I took some ibuprofen about an hour before I started and that helped. 

So.  Let me see.  What can I work on this week?  Saturday I'm going to be gone a lot of the day.  I'm leaving the house at O-dark-thirty to drive to a campground near Jackson, MI (90 miles or so) for the Michigan Hauntfest.  I plan on stopping at 2 cemeteries to explore on my way there.  Lots of walking!  Then on the way home, I'm stopping at the National Weather Service office to mooch dinner off Randy and his friends that are doing Field Day   The rest of the week is pretty low-key.  So I should be able to get things tracked with no problem.  So that's it.  Tracking.  

So yet again - I will set an alarm on my phone reminding me to track and try not to just shut it off & ignore it.  

Wish me luck!
Bonus photo of this awesome rose in my yard.
I've never had purple tinting in my bright pink roses before!



  1. Sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it improves. Injury is common as we age. Come up with a cool story about what happened. When folks noticing your knee, tell 'em you hurt it falling off your motorcycle at the racetrack. :)

    I injured my shoulder a few years ago stretching to roll down a car window. Not a great story so I had to make up a better one.

    Regarding fitness, walking is my favorite activity and it's good to see you pursue that too. I believe it's the healthiest way to exercise our bodies. Running is too physically stressful. I've never counted steps like you so I've no idea what 3,000/7,000/million steps means. I did just hike a mountain in New Hampshire that took four hours and left me exhausted.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Bummer about the knee. I have a bad one too, my right. Every once in a while I get a flare. Hate weight plateaus. I am in the middle of one now too. Up one pound, down two, up two, down one. Time to shake it up and do something a little different. Good luck to you.

    Janet’s Smiles


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