Friday, January 19, 2018

What UP, Weekend?!

Linking up with Lindsay and all the rest of the Fab Peaceful Posse.

Keeping things in a positive light, here are 10 things that made me happy this week.
happy best day ever GIF

1.  This morning's sunrise....

2.  Tuesday's meteor excitement.
I was sitting at my computer in the bedroom with the shades closed & desk light on, so I didn't see the flash, but I sure heard & felt it!  I thought something had hit my house, so I made Angel get her shoes & coat on to go outside with me, that way I could have backup to call for help if I needed!  

3.  The Google Art app
(why are 2 out of the 3 boys???)

4.  Jack helping with laundry (altho he's been a pain in the ass lately with his pacing)

5.  Getting back to the gym

6.  This stained glass Christmas tree I found at an antique / consignment store

7.  Sunshine!

8.  Getting dance costumes in - only 3 weeks til the first competition!  I already have my cowbell ready...  (Last year I heard another girls from another studio comment about DOS being the one with the cowbell - so I have a reputation of obnoxiousness to uphold before passing the torch in June.)

9.  Only minor alterations on said costumes - luckily the seamstress I call every year is very reasonably priced and fast, too!  So no pictures, yet.  We already heard that her solo costume won't be in for the first comp, so her teacher is going to loan us one of her old costumes - luckily they're close to the same size!

10.  My houseplants.
...some of them anyway.

...and a bonus happy - Rusty doesn't want me to put the last of the Christmas totes back in the garage.  These are the perfect height (and location) for him to demand attention from anyone who may pass by or attempt to do anything in the kitchen.  

 What has made you happy this week?



  1. Aw, Rusty is too cute! :) Sounds like a nice week you had. Good for you for getting back to the gym too.


  2. Oh come on Lisa, Jack is just trying to help out. ;)
    Good job on getting back to the gym. It’s not always pretty but it gets easier every time. Rusty really likes Christmas it seems. :) Love the pics of the cats all sunbathing on the bed, too.

    Your houseplants make me envious. I am terrible with plants but yours look so lush!

    Hope you’re having a great week hun. xo


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