Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year, New You (me?)

OK, so I've seen several of the blogs I follow link up with The Blended Blog  for this neat little January prompt-type thingy.  Sounds like fun to me!

1.  Resolutions?  We don't usually do resolutions - if we do, it's something ridiculous like "cutting back on heroin use" or  "no arson".  This is my first time choosing a word of the year, tho!  **Consistency**
2.  Snow?   Wellll. I live in Michigan so snow is pretty much a gimme.  It's pretty to look at when it's falling and fresh but it sucks to drive in / shovel.  And then after a couple days, it's all black along the roads and looks really nasty.
3.  A new place to go?  This is kinda easy - Miss Angela has dance nationals in Orlando this June, so the plan is to fly to Atlanta, then rent a car for the rest of the way.  I've been making a map with places I want to revisit from when I was stationed in Kings Bay, GA and some cool places Angel wants to see.
4. Cut or Color?  I'm thinking a new haircut.  I tend to let mine do it's own thing and do my own trims as necessary.  I already color it regularly because my natural color is mud brown.
5.  Something special?   Going back to #3 - I like to explore cemeteries and there is one near the base in St. Mary's that I didn't think I'd ever get a chance to go back to visit.  So that's #1 on my list.  And next December we'll be going to visit the MIL in Hot Springs, AR and while Randy spends some time with her - I'll take myself to Bathhouse Row to the Buckstaff and have a nice spa day!   
6.  Least favorite?  When all the Christmas lights come down and everything is all dull & dreary.
7.  Most favorite?  The days are getting longer!
8.  Decorations?  I just took the blowmolds out of the front yard Sunday and unplugged the lights on the house (we'll take them down later).  But alas, the tree & nutcrackers are all still standing proud in the living room.   
9.  Diet?  Yup.  I'm on Weight Watchers.  I was actually up a smidge at weigh in tonight, but I blame myself for stopping at Tim Horton's this morning and getting both a donut AND a muffin.
10.  Organization?  Oh, the whole darn house!  It's really small and we have a lot of stuff, so I'm seriously taking my sisters up on their offer to come over and help me declutter.
11.  Comfort food.  All of it, hence the need for WW!  It's too hard to pick just one, however the meatloaf I made for dinner tonight was pretty damn good, if I must say so myself!
12.  Guilty pleasure?  Rupaul's Drag Race and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube (funny since I don't hardly wear any!) 
Pop on over & check out some other blogs!  There's a bunch, I'm in the late 60s on the list!
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  1. Stopping in from The Blended Blog and loved reading your answers (especially to your New Year's Resolutions). :p

    Uhm, I love that you love to explore cemeteries. I have a fascination with them and haunted houses myself (actually my best friend and I sometimes plan trips around haunted happenings). The organization--I need to do this, too, but it just sucks so hard. LOL, would be fun to make a night of it though, get a giant bottle of wine and just go to town.

    Hope you're having a great week! XO

    1. Yeah, our resolutions & what we give up for Lent are usually pretty much the same things :D
      I've really only gotten into exploring cemeteries the last 10 years or so, so it's funny that this one particular cemetery still stands out in my mind after going there in probably 1993? That would be fun to do haunted trips!
      My husband wants to get a dumpster this spring and clean out the garage - I'd rather tackle the house while it's here!

  2. Great answers Lisa. I have not heard of this one so will definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing.

    1. it's kind of a neat way to find new blogs, too. I've been reading random things about people before I even know what their blog is about!

  3. How fun that your daughter has dance nationals in Orlando this summer! I love your plan to fly part of the way and then road trip the rest! Hope you enjoy a great trip together!

    1. 2 years ago we went to Charleston SC, which was a fun trip, too. The studio owner intentionally chooses competitions in "tropical" places so a lot of families make it their vacations. We sure did our share of playing tourist!


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