Friday, January 5, 2018

What Up Weekend - Happy 2018!

What's up, Weekend?
10 things that have made me happy this week...

1.  Fuzzy slippers (our floors are cold, dammit!)

2.  First Play Live - a show on the CBC (yes, we watch Canadian TV since we're close enough to Windsor to pick it up)  Randy & I watch these bands play a live set and we have a discussion about what the band members probably do as a day job - and it's hilarious!

3. Purring & snuggly cats.
Rusty is so happy to NOT be a barn cat anymore!

4. Getting involved in the Secret Reaper / Merry Reaper on  HalloweenForum.  Basically it's like a Secret Santa gift exchange where we submit our names with a list of likes & dislikes and in return, we get someone else's name and lists.  SR is all Halloween related, and MR is H'ween and/or Christmas.  I just got my MR gift (thanks USPS for holding it for 2 weeks) and my 'reapee' sent me a bunch of goofy, non-breakable ornaments.  A glittery chainsaw & smiling ham on my tree?  Why not!
5.  Spending time with family on NYE (dinner in Frankmnuth), yet still being home by 10pm to ring in the new year while wearing PJs.
The lights around Bronner's are so pretty!
I just realized you can see my crown!
Happy New Year with my favorite guy!

6. Being down another 1.4 lbs at my WW meeting and realizing I've haven't had any gains since mid-November!  I can officially say I survived the holiday season!

7.  Vegging on the couch most New Year's Day  (I seriously only got 1300 steps for the day!), watching the Rose Parade while Randy made breakfast, then the Winter Classic NHL game, then a bunch of old dance recital DVDs with the girl.
I love the Bronner's billboards!

8.  Sticking to our own tradition of shake & bake pork chops & mashed potatoes for New Years dinner.  I tried the black-eyed pea thing for the first couple years we were together and we decided that they're disgusting, so we decided on our own "good luck for the year" dinner.

9.  A fairly new furnace and solid(ish) walls & doors & windows to keep this crazy cold mostly out!

10.  I have never done a "word for the year" before, altho I do like the idea and love seeing what others have come up with.  But one came to me!
It's something that I really need to work on in so many parts of my it's perfect! 
I need to be more consistent with my blogging. 
I need to be more consistent with meal planning.
I need to be more consistent with following the WW plan. 
I need to be more consistent with going to the gym.
I need to be more consistent following Flylady to get my house in order. 
Gratuitous adorable cat feet picture. 

What has made you happy this week?

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  1. Cat snuggles and purrs make me happy too! And adorable cat feet. Rusty is a sweetie!
    Coffee Until Cocktails

  2. Omg, adorable cat feet!! Good for you on surviving the holiday season. I'm back to eating as well as I can this week, so it's a bit of an adjustment. LOL
    Ooh I like your word of the year!


  3. Nice! I love your word! Congrats on surviving the holiday season without weight gain, and even having loss. That's awesome! And such a cute kitty!

  4. Nice word, Lisa. Mine is Create. Good for you for making it through the holidays and still losing. I can't say the same, although to be honest I've been at a plateau since last May, waffling with five pounds up and down.

  5. I love your word for the year! It's perfect (and something I'd love to work on myself). Also I can never get enough of animal photos--cat feet pics are the cutest! Your kitty looks very happy and snuggly on the couch and no longer in a barn :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxing NYE and hope you are slowly getting back into the swing of things. Wishing you all the best for the week ahead! XOXO

  6. Hey Lisa,
    I LOVE your word. I could be a bit more consistent, too, and I'm sure as a result, more successful.
    I just love how sweet Rusty looks snoozing. :)
    Good job on the weight loss hun, I'm still not feeling right with all the sugar and sweets from the holidays.

    I hope you're having a great week hun. :)


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