Friday, June 30, 2017

The Houston Chronicles, Part 3 ... 5/29

We had thought to go watch the Memorial Day parade in downtown Houston, but we found out that it had been Saturday the 27th!  Well, crap.  It's probably a good thing since it had stormed pretty good the night before and we heard about how the streets in Houston are designed to control floodwaters which meant it could possibly be flooded already!  

So we decided to go to Galveston and check out the Gulf of Mexico. 

It was cloudy & the ocean breezes made it comfortable so it was no big deal to be in a t-shirt on the beach.  We took Laura's pugs because she wanted them to experience the ocean.  
The place we settled our stuff was close to a lifeguard stand and he apparently saw Laura's veteran shirt and (later my USS Lincoln shirt) approached us.  We chatted with him for a while - he was former coast guard so this job was right up his alley.  He was also a total doppleganger for Wayne Brady - I almost asked him to improv for us!
The waves were crazy high!
The lifeguard truck was patrolling this area where people weren't supposed to be swimming, but they were anyway.  The morons.  I sure didn't want to be out in those waves!
We were close to the shipping lanes.
Punkin wasn't too thrilled with the water, since she's blind.  So I kept her up out of the surf with Chuck while Laura took Otis wading.  He was OK until he got slapped in the butt with a wave & the salt & sand made him itchy. 
Weird photobombers!
After the beach and a stop at a tourist trap store so I could get a keychain, we stopped at What-a-burger.  Gin made it sound to the manager like us northern chicks came all the way down just to try his restaurant's food.  So he was calling me Miss Michigan and Laura Miss Ohio. 
My thoughts?  It was meh.  Fairly OK, but nothing I'd crave regularly.  Reminded me a lot of Burger King.  
Palm trees!
One of several trucks we saw that probably shouldn't have been on the road....

Stay tuned for parts 4-7!



  1. What a fun trip! I love the beach and live very close but hardly ever go. Whenever I see pictures like this I wonder why I don't go more often! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's weird that even tho I was in the Navy, I'm not really a fan on the ocean / lakes. I go beachin' / swimming /boating once in a while and that keeps me content.


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