Friday, June 23, 2017

What Up, Weekend??? 6/23/17

What's up weekend?
It's been a while since I joined up with the lovely ladies of the Peaceful Posse for a Happy Friday post! 

1.  I'm happy to get back into the slow groove of blogging.  I've been spending a lot of evenings just sitting out on the patio with the hubby, enjoying doing nothing (my house will vouch for that - ugh!) But sorry peeps - quality time with my favorite guy is tops on my priority list. 

2.  Rain!  My poor lawn is so dry!  On the plus side, it's coming up on like 3 weeks since I've mowed and it's really not too terrible, as long as you don't look at the weird tall weeds in the one back corner. 

3.  Dance season 2017 is done!   I'm kind of excited about 2018.  The trip to Daytona Beach is somewhat iffy now, but there will be a trip somewhere "tropical"!  Louisiana's gulf coast was mentioned.....

4.  Little Daisy kitty is finally starting to accept Rusty as her new brother.  She seems more likely to growl at him when she jumps up on the bed at night and sees him already laying near me.  But other times she'll rub up against him and head-butt his chest, trying to get him to groom her. 

5. Halloween stuff is starting to show up in stores!!!!!  I have a notebook filled with plans for my Maple Grove Cemetery.  I already scored my full-sized horse skeleton so the only things I'll need to buy are details for it & the skeleton rider.  And some PVC piping to make a reinforcing stand for the horse. 

6.  I've lost at least a pound for each of the 3 weeks' weigh-ins since I've came back off vacation!  The -2.4 lbs right after I came back was a very pleasant surprise.  Seeing as how I ate such  healthy food as fried eggs & pork chops or venison sausage for breakfast; a total of 6 donuts, 1/4 cold pizza & 1/2 bag of popcorn on the drive from Hot Springs to Cincinnati. Oh and dinner one night was a funnel cake with a scoop of  apple pie filling, drizzled with white chocolate & smothered in whipped cream. 

Wow.  I could probably think of more, but I'm at work and yet again, they want me to WORK!  Sheesh.  

I've started my "Houston Chronicles" posts since there's no way I'd be able to cover a week vacation in just one post!


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  1. Love your list Lisa! Especially sitting out with your hubby AND your kitty finally accepting the other. Nice to have you back. :)
    I've been off the grid for a week and catching up. Hope you're well hun! Xo


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