Thursday, June 22, 2017

Dancers Only Standing Ovation 2017

So the 2016 / 2017 dance season has come to an end.  I was really expecting to be done after the recital, but nope!  We went last night and did the summer class sign ups.  These kids are all excited at one of the classes is going to be held a couple doors down at a CrossFit place, so they can work on strength & conditioning.   
The next season should be an adventure!

All of the reactions I've heard from other people at the studio has been positive - except for one crab-ass.  But her opinion don't mean beans to me.  It's not like Miss Angela demanded to do another year.  The owner of the studio asked her to stay.  She thought about it a couple weeks, then said yes.  Even tho her age may affect some of the competitions they had tentatively planned, Terina is fully aware of exactly how old she is and I'm sure she'll figure it all out. 

I'm happy with how the pictures turned out from the photographer (Northern Lights Photography, as usual).  I was pleased with the fact that she went out of her way to change the lighting set up so we could use the doors from Clue.  
 Miss Peacock - Clue (production)
 Three (jazz solo)
 Don Quixote (pointe) 
 Brume de la Mer (ballet)
 Final Song (small group jazz)
Final Song group
 Girl Power (hiphop line)
 PARTY (rec hiphop)
 They Don't Really Care About Us (small group tap)
Where Feet May Fail (small group lyrical)
Note the 3 in back with strategically placed bodies & hands?
That's to hide tattoos & belly button piercings!

I didn't get as many pics during dress rehearsal as I planned.  I forgot during a couple numbers!  I was just sitting back, enjoying the show.  
 The yearly goofy ballet pics with Ashley. 
 Ooo, art!

 Every ballerina needs to yell WOOOOO! at the end of a pirouette.  She was excited that she did a triple en pointe and let us all know!
 They're so professional.
2 weeks before the recital, their teacher decided they'd do a pointe dance, too.  So they learned their choreography in 2 weeks!  The first time they went thru it, I was so glad I was recording since it fell apart mid-way thru and it ended up being quite hilarious.  But it ended up being pretty good, if short.   

Come to find out, the guys working at the auditorium (grrr, they pissed off a lot of people!) were messing with the speed of the songs & goofing off instead of listening to instructions about lights & making inappropriate remarks about the girls.  Terina was livid! 
 This recital was her 10th with DOS!  
Alayna also got her 10 year trophy.

I really hope her knees / ankles / hips will survive another year.  She came home after dress rehearsal saying her one knee hurt inside.  By Saturday morning, the bruises were showing.   Then during the recital, we saw her land on her knee hard during Clue (the first routine) and it showed on her face.  She did OK after that until her solo when she twisted it again and really hurt it. Again it showed on her face but she powered thru.  She only had 2 dances after that and luckily hiphop line doesn't require pretty facials and the other was finale.  She had her knee brace on for those - the rest she didn't because most of her dances she's not wearing tights.  

Afterward, we went to the studio for pizza (and margaritas!)  Those goofy kids still find the energy to go do each other's dances!   The one that cracked me up was them doing the hiphop line where they switched parts - the little girls did the big girls' parts and vice versa.  It was funny! 

I think the next season will be bittersweet, knowing that for sure it'll be the last. 

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  1. Great pictures! Congrats to her and good luck on next season.


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