Monday, January 30, 2017

The A-Z Challenge is coming!

I was happy to check my Bloglovin feed this morning and see an A-Z Announcement!  OK, so it was an announcement about an announcement, but I was still glad to see some info from them. It's been pretty quiet on the A-Z front.  So next Monday will be THE announcement. 

Have you ever done the April A-Z Challenge?  This will be my 6th time on this blog.  I did it 4 years on the blog I combined with this one and twice on my Maple Grove Cemetery blog.  It's pretty fun, (but challenging) and you can find a lot of other interesting blogs that are participating, too.   I confess to already having at least 90% of each post done.
Yup, even the hard letters like Q, V, & X!

How it works is, each day you post something that goes along with the alphabet.  So on 4/1 you post about, oh say, apples.  4/2 about bacon, 4/3 about cheese, etc, etc.  Whatever you want.   Not sure how it's going to work out this year, but usually it works out to 26 letters / 26 days (with no posts on Sunday).  The calendar isn't cooperating nicely, tho. So a Sunday post will most likely happen. 

Click over there & check out the link about the announcement, and then get busy preparing for April!



  1. 90% of each post done??? You go, girl! I'm still trying to figure out a theme.

    1. I thought of an awesome theme before 2016's challenge even ended, but I didn't get out to get all the photos I'd need for it....and I'm sure not roaming around outside NOW to get them! So that particular theme will have to wail until 2018. I'm pretty happy with plan B and it's been a walk down memory lane so far!


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