Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Happy Tuesday (plus weigh ins #2 & 3)

This'll be a weigh-in update post combined with everything else, since I didn't post last week and I'm not going to my meeting tonight.  It was a struggle at the gym last night. Even tho I'm missing some female parts, I still get cramps (fun time!!) and I had to talk myself into going.  Then talk myself into do a full 2 miles on the treadmill.  Then talk myself into doing some upper-body machines.  Meh.  But I did it.  Tonight my plan is to do some menu-planning & grocery shopping so I'll go on the WW website & read this week's info.  I could go to another night's meeting, but this happened......
I have no idea who made it, but it was on the kitchen table at work - you know, the place to leave food you don't want in your own house?  Normally I can convince myself to avoid the table offerings, telling myself that people have coughed / sneezed / licked on stuff.  But I tried a little piece of this candy cane peppermint bark stuff.  OMG.  This was the stuff of angels!  I've probably had 10 pieces of the past 2 days. Incredible. 
I blame PMS.  And no self-control. 

No shame!

I was down .6 lb last week - so yay!  I only made it to the gym 2 out of my planned 3 days last week because Saturday I was helping Randy work on the furnace (at 25 degrees - that's an important thing to have working correctly!) and Saturday night we finally made it to Rochester to see the Christmas lights.  This weekend is the last weekend of the lights, so I was happy to have gone.
Imagine every business along this street.....
Then Sunday?  I actually slept in until 11 am!  It's been YEARS since I've slept in that late! I can't remember the last time I slept in past 9 or so..... The dog woke me up to go outside at 8, which is also late for him, I took him outside, fed him and crawled back into bed.   Then we met the family at 2:30 for a late lunch, then we went to an Escape Room!

Have you ever been to one of these?  They are so fun!  We had to sign a non-disclosure form before going in, so I can't tell you specific details, but I can be generic.  Ours was a murder mystery room, so we had to find our way out of the room and if we were really good, figure out who the murderer was.  However, they have about a 5% success rate of inexperienced teams getting out of the room.   Yeah, we failed but apparently not as bad as some teams!

We had 7 on our team - me, Randy, Angel & her new guy friend Logun, sister Laurie, sister Linda & BIL Dave.  They "locked" us into this tiny room (we could get out if we needed to) and told us the scenario.  There were all sorts of clues & puzzles to be solved & locks to be opened.  There were cameras in the room so the host could see and hear what we were doing.  They posted hints on a monitor in the room for us and also gave us clues if we asked.  We could get 2 clues during the hour we were in there.  It was crowded in there until we found a second room.  This was especially creepy - they'd taken a picture of our group in the first small room when everyone except me was facing away from the camera - so they printed it out, circled me and wrote a name on it, then planted it in the second room before we got in there!  Laurie found it and freaked out!  If we'd gotten that far - it was the clue of who the murderer was (me, apparently).

It was lots of fun and we will do that again!  Not that room since at the end, the host told / showed us what we missed.  But they have a lot of different themed rooms (MichiganEscapeGames.com) that would all be pretty neat.  

 I highly recommend trying it.  These places are all over the place, but I've never noticed any.  This location we went to was in a dinky little strip mall between an insurance place and an attorney or something.  We almost passed it.

So.  Happenings at the Love Shaque.  Nada much.

Miss Angela had a clash with one of the managers at work, and her asking the owner to leave early was interpreted as quitting.  So I've been on her butt to get some applications in other places.  She did a variety of things there, so she's got plenty of restaurant experience.  Hostessing, expo'ing (getting orders together for carry-outs), serving, and even made deliveries.

Randy had a meeting the first day back after vacation and was told they wanted him on call 24/7 for these 2 specific customers during their inventories during January.  So weekend before last, most of his time was spent on the phone dealing with this.  Wish he got overtime for all this BS!  They even balk at giving him comp days off now, since they would rather have him available.  Guess they forget he has a life outside that company and a family who would like to see him!

My work is slow for the moment. Did I ever mention I'm in the billing department for a decent-sized trucking company?  Been there for almost 17 years! We're coming off the holiday slow-down so I'm pretty much caught up.  And before we left for Christmas, my boss called me into her office and told me she was worried about me, because I was falling behind.  I happily handed over my biggest account to her.  It's not that my work is hard - there's a lot of time-consuming paper shuffling involved.  I feel so much less stress and I am so thankful for the temp girl who gets to do the shuffling now!

Oh yeah - I'm still working on putting Christmas stuff away.  I clearly haven't been motivated in the slightest.  I just need to grab a tote from the garage, bring it in and since there's a list on the lid - just grab stuff!  And repeat.  And repeat.  Blargh.  I brought in 2 more totes after work that I'll do tonight.  That should probably just leave the nutcrackers. 
This isn't even close to being all of them!  
I have over 100, but not all came out to play this year. 

Angel told me she couldn't have any friends over until the nutcrackers were gone.  Sunshine, that is NOT incentive for me to put them away!!!  Anyway, it backfired because Logun is fascinated with them and wants to start his own collection. Neener!

Ooo, guess what should be coming up soon?  Sign-ups for the April A-Z Blogging Challenge!  I had a great idea for a 2017 theme pop into my head during last year's challenge but I didn't plan well and didn't get all the photos that I need.  So I came up with a Plan B that I'm not as happy with, but should be fine.  It'll be fun to do the posts.  I'll work on getting the photos for Plan A once Old Man Winter goes away and fingers crossed, use it for 2018.  I have the locations mapped out, I just need to physically GO to these places and I prefer to explore outdoors there's not a chance of my camera freezing to my fingers.

Speaking of nutcrackers, I probably should go get busy.
That stuff isn't going to jump into the totes by itself!
 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-124-9BF74C716651145ECAC7EDD1AB729D6B_zpsxkuumtdq.png


  1. Hurray for the .6. Every ounce in the right direction is a victory! I'm toying with some ideas for the A to Z too. Have a great rest of your week and really remember that next time someone leaves something yummy on the table at work, they probably did lick it!

  2. First congrats on making it to the gym that is half the battle! I'm still struggling as well with hitting the gym but if you can push through so can I!! The man cave still has Christmas up maybe just maybe I will take it down this weekend. Not sure what I'm going to do yet for the A to Z guess I better get thinking. Good luck on your journey you can do it!


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