Thursday, September 8, 2016

Well, that was weird....

It has never bothered me to go to the dentist before, but yesterday broke that record!
Gratuitous Chester picture, 
meeting me at the back door with a dirty sock. 

I called about a week and a half ago because I felt a chip in my tooth / filling / crown / whatever.  It was right along my gumline and my tongue kept hitting it.  I called and they couldn't get me in until yesterday.  Neat.  But it didn't hurt so I dealt with it.  Of course, that weekend the tooth broke in half.  But it still didn't hurt.   Come to find out, my tooth didn't hurt because it was one I'd had a root canal on a few years ago, so there was no nerve.

I went in yesterday and for some reason, the smell and taste of everything seemed 100 times worse than usual!   The dentist only gave me about 1/2 a shot of Novacaine to humor me, I probably didn't need it.  But damn if he didn't pull the needle out and drip some of that crap into my mouth. Gross.  Then he numbed my gums a little bit with some nasty rotten banana flavored stuff.   He used a laser and the most horrible smell ever was coming out of my mouth!!  I found out later he was using it to cut & cauterize my gums because there was decay below the gumline - so that was basically burning flesh I was smelling!  When they took the impressions - they used too much of that foam stuff and it shifted underneath my tongue so between that and the drool I couldn't swallow - my gag reflex went into overdrive.  They had to redo it with less foam.  The assistant dripped water down my neck after one of the rinses.  When they cemented the temporary crown onto the tooth, I could smell the cement before she even got it close to me and then I could imagine feeling the fumes wafting thru my mouth.  And it tasted horrible since you can't help but taste it, too.

So basically, it was one of the most awful appointments I've ever had and it wasn't even due to pain!  Then later when I got home, I had the worst chills!  Randy got home from work and I was sitting out on the patio in a hoodie and flannel pants - and it was around 90* and high humidity!  But I finally felt comfortable.  I would have been in bed before 9:30 if I hadn't had to wait for Angel to get home at 10 so we could move cars around.

Thankfully, I feel better today.  They said my mouth would be sore for a couple days from the laser and so far they're correct!  They had taken a picture of the area before cementing in the temp crown and had it up on the screen in the room.  I swear it a like a trainwreck.  I couldn't stop looking at it!  It was pretty disgusting.  I thought about taking a picture of the screen so I could share the grossness with Randy but I didn't.  You're welcome!  Because you know I would have shared it here, too!

So that was weird thing #1.  Weird thing #2 is that about a week ago I started taking these vitamin packets from GNC that the guy in there recommended.  They have a multivitamin, Triflex (their glucosamine sutff) and fish oil.  And my heel spur has really calmed down!  Before I would have to flex and stretch my feet before getting out of bed, or else I couldn't walk!  And if I sat too long at work, I'd limp for a few steps before it worked out.  I still have been doing the stretching before I get up, but it's more out of habit now.  Then I get up and can walk fine with only minimal ouchies.  I'm thinking it's the Triflex since I had been taking that for my knees (they grind) but stopped before my surgery and haven't taken any since.

So anyhoo.  Classes start back up at the studio next week, but I don't think I'm ready for Zumba yet!  It's tough to get motivated with these shorter days!


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